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Meet Employees Where They Are: Digital Signage, Mobile & Desktop

Korbyt | Internal Communications | 2017-05-09

It’s 2017, which means workplace habits have changed immensely since a few years ago. Employees are no longer confined to their desks all workday, and more employees are working remotely. According to a study, 3.7 million employees work from home at least half the time.

As employee workplace habits change, companies need to adapt their internal communications strategy to successfully reach all employees — at all times, anywhere. This means communicating beyond intranet and email by creating a multi-platform communications plan.

A multi-platform communications plan allows two-way communications between the company and employees, which is critical in boosting employee engagement. When an internal communications strategy involves only one platform to relay a company message, the message has a smaller chance of being received and retained by employees.

Here are effective platforms to leverage when creating a multi-platform communications strategy for your company:

1. Digital Signage
With digital signage, internal communications departments can reach in-office employees with real-time messages like company policy changes, building updates and company social feeds. Digital signage messaging — although critical in relaying important updates and memos — is mostly only beneficial in reaching employees that are onsite, which is why adding the below platforms to the internal communications strategy will maximize impact and success.

2. Mobile
Employees are constantly checking their mobile phones at work: 82% of employees keep their smartphones within eye contact at work. Utilizing a mobile platform to convey internal communications messages will not only allow in-office employees engaged, but also will keep deskless and remote employees in the loop, too.

3. Desktop
Pushing content to desktop is another key component of a cross-platform internal communications strategy to reach 100% of employees. For employees who work from home a few days a week to employees who are fully remote, personalized company messages have a lower chance of being skipped over.

With evolving work habits and trends, pushing employee messages through email and intranet alone is no longer effective to reach deskless and remote employees. Utilize a multi-platform communications strategy with digital signage, mobile and desktop to reach all employees at all times.

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