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The Secret Behind Powerful Internal Communications

Hayden Berstein | Internal Communications | 2018-06-07

Employee engagement is notoriously hard to measure. 

Is it how many people respond to your company-wide email or how many read your article posted on the intranet system? Maybe it’s the number of people you count walking out of the office with a smile on their face? 

This is a big challenge for HR and internal communications professionals who can sometimes feel like they’re shouting into a void when it comes to communicating effectively with employees. To have engaged employees, you need to provide a great employee experience. When 80 percent of executives agree that employee experience is important, it’s clearly a pressing issue facing all industries.  

Technology is enabling employers to communicate in new ways to establish a more holistic employee engagement approach. Supported by a plethora of collaboration and communication apps and platforms, employee self-service technologies and pulse feedback tools, employers now have several techniques at their disposal. Despite this, 59 percent of executives report that they are not fully ready to address the employee engagement challenge. So, the secret doesn’t just lie in the tools.

The important thing is understanding how to best use these technologies to drive engagement and choose the right platform(s) that aligns with your business goals. 

One effective way to address this challenge is by having a centralized platform — a platform-agnostic and versatile content management system (CMS) that enables individuals to publish content across a range of channels, including clever multi-functional mobile apps, intranets, physical screens in offices, social media and desktops widgets. Information needs to be targeted and relevant to reach employees in whichever format they rely on most.

There are three key considerations for powerful internal communications: 

1. Are you able to access data and analytics on viewer behaviors? 

Publishing content, whether it is HR- or culture-related, and receiving real-time feedback is a great way to gain insights about your employees. For example, being able to publish a video from the CEO on a dedicated employee portal is useful, but it’s equally important to have analytics available to show how the communication was consumed to measure its effectiveness.  Here are some key questions to ask yourself when evaluating effectiveness. 

What percentage of employees accessed the content? What percentage of the video was actually watched? Did employees in all departments, all locations, and all job classifications consume the video equally? Have you created a strategy to include customizing content to ensure optimal effectiveness for each audience in your company? Data and analytics are here to help communicate better. Embrace them!    

2. How are you targeting employees with personalized information? 

It’s important that employees feel compelled to act on the messaging they receive from internal communications. An effective way to do this is by applying user segments for tagged content to create personalized messaging. In an advanced CMS platform like Korbyt, tags can include roles, channels, team, geography, department and more. 

When you need a specific response from employees, a personalized message on the company’s mobile communication hub sent to employees’ smartphones will likely be more effective than traditional digital signage or an intranet message. Employees want to see content that will impact them directly, hence employers need to be able to easily share content that is specific and relevant. 

3. How can you integrate new endpoint devices and data sources with ease? 

Having a CMS platform that is scalable to any business is key for employers looking to create, manage and deploy content across a variety of endpoints, including apps on mobile and desktops.

The most effective messages are consistent and easy to consume no matter where employees encounter it. If you’re organization currently using a traditional intranet portal but want to push the content to multiple endpoints, it’s important that the platform integrates data seamlessly. Korbyt was built from the ground up with mobile and your digital signage in mind. 


It can be difficult to communicate with a range of employees spread across multiple locations. CMS platforms are a modern panacea for internal communications in the digital era. Some may see the platform as just a place to store content, but it can be the gateway to creating a truly interactive employee experience.


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