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AI and Analytics for Seamless Employee Messaging

Ben Johnston | Updates | 2018-09-13

For many corporations, increased employee engagement is the ultimate achievement in the ongoing quest to create a strong workplace culture. Employers have long known that actively engaged employees are happier, healthier, more focused on company vision, more productive, and more profitable for their companies. With the proliferation of internet-connected devices inside and out of the workplace, employees (whether remote or in the office) are never more than a few smartphone taps away from being engagement. 

With the myriad distractions today -- meeting reminders, phone calls, texts, emails, chats, intranets and we’d be remiss not to mention personal social media – is it any surprise that employers struggle to keep employees engaged? A 2017 NY Post survey of US working adults, respondents reported spending up to 42 minutes per day checking social media at work! 

Messaging Channels in an Omnichannel World 

At RMG, we’ve taken the engagement challenge to heart and developed new capabilities in our Korbyt platform designed to help employers and employees connect in an omnichannel manner. The latest update to our Korbyt platform provides new features for that help employers and communicators deliver messages across a wide variety of devices and applications including mobile, desktop, Slack, intranet, SMS, and even voicemail.  

Analytics and AI for Seamless Employee Messaging

Which channel should employers rely on for the most impactful messaging? With KorbytGO’s built in analytics and AI, the employer engages an employee through their preferred channel, all seamlessly automated and based on the employee’s preference and historical response rate. 

By combining technology capable of sending messages on multiple platforms with key messaging strategies, employers can improve their chances of making an impact with their communications.  

We recommend these basic tips for improving message engagement: 

1. Offer an integrated employee engagement experience 

Message the platform of choice by employee for the highest engagement rate. Some employees prefer email while many employees are remote may respond better to SMS or mobile app messaging. Other departments or groups of employees may work in teams and use applications like Slack. 

Choose platforms that can be integrated with other data sources for shared messaging. Many platforms today feature open APIs and single sign-on (SSO) for secure and easy access. 

2. Use campaigns to deliver messages at the right time with recurrence patterns 

Treat messaging to employees like marketing to customers -- optimize delivery times based on open rates and message engagement durations. Use recurrence patterns to repost important messages to the top of mobile and desktop app feeds to ensure the message was seen by your audience.   


3. Segment audiences based on user profiles 

Marketers have long known that a message to everyone is a message to no one. Employers who take the time to get to know their employees and deliver messages based on user profiles will get better message results. Segmenting employees into audiences based on demographics, departments, locations can improve messaging effectiveness.

4. Employ the right content to keep employees tuned in 

Keep content fresh and engaging by showing employees you care about them. Recognizing employees with awards, team wins, anniversaries, birthdays show the company cares about employees as people. Giving employees the ability to post content can also be a great way to share projects success stories and foster a healthy company culture.  


Employee attention is a precious commodity. Take steps to make the most of it by optimizing your messaging to increase engagement.  

Contact RMG for more information about how we can help you more effectively engage with your employees using the Korbyt. 

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