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How Brick & Mortar Stores Can Compete With eCommerce

Korbyt | Retail | 2017-06-07

Today, we live in a digital world: much of daily actions are completed with the help of our smartphones and laptops without a second thought. We even rely on our devices for assistance with fun recreational activities like shopping.

With that said, it’s believed that because of ongoing technology advancements, eCommerce has and is currently overtaking physical storefronts; however, physical stores are still expecting $300 billion in spending while online spending is expected at $150 billion between 2015 and 2018.

Brick & mortar stores aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Retailers need to focus on creating an innovative and interactive customer experience to keep the tech-driven population excited.

Using digital signage platforms in the retail space is a way in which retailers will not only increase their sales and efficiency, but also create a consumer buying experience that is noteworthy and effective.

Here’s how to improve the consumer’s retail experience with visual digital signage solutions:

• Showcase Relevant Information:

Digital signage showcases critical information to consumers — such as sales, special promotions, or items are in or out of stock — which keeps the consumer informed and empowered to make relevant buying decisions.

• Give the Consumer the Power of Choice:

Most consumers would rather make their own decisions as opposed to having a sales representative push a decision on them. Visual digital signage capabilities can achieve just that, giving the consumers the choice to see items on display or look through a specific product category at their own leisure and pace.

• Provide an Immersive Retail Experience:

Digital signage plays a leading role in creating an immersive customer experience in the retail space, allowing consumers to interact with the retail environment from head to toe, in some instances. This can inspire customers and encourage them to spend more time than expected shopping around in the store.

• Implement Self-Service Functionalities:

Self-service functionalities, like wayfinding, portrayed through digital signage screens are another way to improve the customer’s retail experience. Allow customers to take control of their shopping experience and environment with modern intelligent visual signage solutions.

Visual digital signage solutions in the retail space can enhance and improve the consumer journey, resulting in increased sales and recurring business.

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