Transforming the Workplace: Korbyt and Crestron Meeting Room Signage Solutions

Crestron signage integration
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By Guy Serwin

Experience reigns supreme in our fast-paced world. Your team hungers for, and rightfully deserves, a workplace experience characterized by enhanced communication and convenience. Fortunately, in the realm of workplace digital transformation, few names inspire as much trust and confidence as Korbyt and Crestron.

When two industry leaders came together, we created a meeting room signage solution that is experiential and revolutionizes the workspace. The partnership between Korbyt and Crestron provides a comprehensive platform that offers users with a suite of intuitive tools for creating dynamic digital displays that grab attention and drive engagement.

Whether you’re seeking enhanced room scheduling capabilities, optimized resource management functionality or keen to create a sophisticated user experience, Korbyt and Crestron can help you to achieve your goals. Investigate the potential of how you can create a more productive and engaging workplace.

Meeting Room Signage that Brings People Together

Meeting room signage is an essential component of any workplace setting, providing valuable information about room availability, schedules, and upcoming events. In the new era of hybrid and remote work environments, meeting rooms have the added function of bridging the gap between office and remote employees, providing communication and access to information.

Korbyt’s powerful, intelligent, and intuitive content management system (CMS) is designed to seamlessly work together with Crestron’s wireless presentation and conferencing systems, occupancy sensors, and scheduling systems. This makes it effortless to book and manage meeting room technology while also extending corporate communications, emergency notifications, and enabling enhanced navigation.

Navigating Wayfinding Signage Solutions

wayfindingIn large, sprawling buildings or campuses, it can be incredibly challenging and disorienting for visitors and new employees to navigate from one point to another. This is where a wayfinding signage solution can be a lifesaver, providing clear and concise directions as well as visual maps to help people easily find their way. Navigating an unfamiliar environment can be tricky, wayfinding provides the much-needed assistance and guidance as you try to get your bearings in a new area.

Interactive kiosks and Crestron display panels with QR codes enable wayfinding to aid in traversing unknown environments for visitors and team. Additionally, Korbyt’s software makes managing and displaying interactive wayfinding maps and directions on Crestron displays and digital signage effortless, providing a powerful solution for businesses looking for a reliable, truly integrated, wayfinding solution.

From interactive maps to step-by-step directions, Korbyt and Crestron’s wayfinding solutions make navigation within large buildings and campuses more manageable and less stressful.

Engaging Visitors with Interactive Signage

Interactive digital signage has become an incredibly powerful tool for engaging customers or visitors in any type of environment, from retail stores to museums, airports, corporate offices and beyond. They allow businesses to provide a personalized experience by customizing content, displaying dynamic visuals and interactive features that can provide valuable information while captivating the viewers’ attention.

Korbyt’s award winning software makes it easy to create beautiful, interactive content, such as touchscreens, quizzes, and other interactive elements that can be displayed on digital signage, kiosks and controllers. By combining the power of Crestron’s hardware with Korbyt’s software, businesses can create immersive experiences that keep customers and visitors coming back for more.

Enhancing Safety with Emergency Signage Solutions

In times of emergency, clear and effective communication is crucial. This is where emergency digital signage comes in, providing important information to people when they need it most. With Korbyt’s player management and application integrations, emergency signage takeovers can be displayed at all locations with a digital display endpoint, ensuring that everyone is aware of any emergency situations or procedures.

Let Korbyt’s software help you design and distribute eye-catching, emergency alerts and safety procedures  on digital signage screens, providing timely and accurate information to those who need it. Whether it’s a fire drill or a real emergency, your digital signage solution can make all the difference in keeping people safe and informed.

Korbyt and Crestron: Designed for How You Work

It’s clear that Korbyt and Crestron offer a powerful partnership in the world of workplace communication solutions. We’ve discussed the various applications of their experiential signage solutions, from meeting room signage to wayfinding, interactive signage, and emergency signage. By using Crestron’s hardware and Korbyt’s software, businesses and organizations can transform their workplaces into more engaging, efficient, and safer environments. Whether you’re looking to improve communication, streamline scheduling, or create an immersive visitor experience, there is a solution for your organization.

If you’re ready to upgrade your meeting room technology to an intuitive, convenient, and powerful system, let us show you a no obligation demonstration of how Korbyt and Crestron can elevate your workplace with engaging meeting room experiences that motivate your workforce.