How Crisis Communications Expedite The Need For Digital Transformation

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Written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity. The past year has illustrated to us all the ‘danger’ aspect, but it has also shown us opportunities that will change the way businesses fundamentally operate, moving forward.

Digital transformation or the use of technology to dramatically improve performance or exposure of an enterprise has been a rising trend for the past decade, however, many businesses have been slow to fully adopt digital transformation due to a host of different types of concerns from financial to simply an aversion to change. The past year has been the wakeup call for many companies, realizing the time is now to transform or fail to maintain a competitive position, and countering attitudes are quickly melting away as are objections to these budget items.

Beyond the pandemic, workplace environments will be forever changed, and outdated processes can no longer be relied on to communicate effectively with your employees to engage and align to business objectives, safety procedures, and ultimately provide a better experience for the customer.

How digital transformation affects your employees, your company and your bottom line

The changes taking place now, initiated by crisis, are centered around workplace initiatives to keep operations running through the period of disruption and create a more agile workforce and workplace. The need for digital transformation has driven an increase in adoption of new technologies, new work environments, and new ways of getting work done.

But what does that mean? Empower your employees with tools that provide the ability to meet business objectives and engage them to drive the success desired. Meet them where they are, regardless of device or location, with the relevant information and tools they need to get the job done.

Considerations for choosing the right technologies that make up your employee communications platform

There are a few things companies should consider when selecting their new employee communications platforms. With improving the employee experience, engagement, and productivity top of mind for employers, a cloud-based, workplace platform is the first step. Cloud based delivery provides enterprises computing power accessible from any digital device or endpoint, ending the tethered workplace of old. Call centers, once a brick-and-mortar endeavor now see call center agents working from anywhere in the world with critical customer information, product updates and queues all delivered to their remote desktops.

Communications strategies and methodologies need to evolve with the new remote and hybrid work environments as well. Utilize a tool that provides a single platform to create, distribute and measure effectiveness of communications across an enterprise. Not all employees are tethered to the office or even a home office and these new environments make targeted delivery and access from anywhere vital to operational efficiency.

Studies show that an engaged and aligned workforce equates to increased profits of as much as 21% and lower absenteeism by 41%. Those are great stats but how does a company get there? By using digital workplace experience technologies, you can target the right communications to the right audience which will ensure you can reach all employees and drive engagement through content relevance.

Data-Driven Integrations to Transform Communication

Data is vital to every business and access to that information can be the difference in making those quarterly numbers or falling behind. Choose a system that has the ability to integrate with the mission critical systems your business uses every day and deliver that information to any endpoints you need whether that’s safety signage for onsite staff, HR communications around training or annual enrollments.

Technology continues to change at an ever-increasing speed and leaders are now beginning to realize that the need for digital transformation is critical, and if managed right has a valuable ROI to the business. Winston Churchill once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” And this should be heralded as the new philosophy of business executives everywhere as we enter a new era for business productivity.

2020 will leave a lasting impression for all of us and how our lives changed. The same is true for businesses as it has been shown that different workplace scenarios are possible and that the added flexibility and work/life balance aren’t hindering company performance but adding to it through the use of employee communications platforms that connect your workforce to the desired business outcome.

If you and your team are interested in learning more about how digital transformation of your workforce communications can lead to increased performance and productivity, schedule a demo of our platform and see how we can help your team transform and succeed.