How Healthy is the Pulse of your Digital Signage Network?

Directory signage network
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Your company has a digital signage network. Maybe you even participated in the installation of the system. The system works – mostly – you think. But what are you really getting out of it? Are you maximizing the company’s investment by using it to effectively engage employees and change behavior? Is it really best in class? Fully optimized? Firing on all cylinders? Hitting home?

Maybe it’s time for a digital signage health check. Heck, you probably had your own annual physical this year – or are planning to. Doesn’t your company’s digital signage deserve the same?

Here are a few simple questions to get you started towards optimizing your digital signage and realizing that huge ROI.

  1. What is important to your company?

Review your corporate and brand values, corporate goals and objectives and look for challenges and opportunities for alignment. Does the content on your digital signage network accurately reflect those goals and objectives? Have you defined objectives for your digital signage platform that is in harmony with your corporate objectives?

  1. Who is your audience?

Identify all the audiences, groups and individuals your signage reaches. Is your digital signage strictly employee facing or are there customer and guest facing digital signage displays? Do you have lobby signage that makes a stellar first impression on visitors and potential employees? Is your signage located in areas where certain departments, roles, or teams view it? Are you addressing the gamut of audience members (by demographics, psychographics, department, role)? What is the feedback from your audiences?

  1. Who are your content contributors and administrators?

Most organizations group content contributors into at least two or three basic categories: corporate, regional and/or departmental. Can you further subdivide contributors on other criteria? Who are your administrators, publishers, contributors and do they have the appropriate levels of access and control? While you’re at it, list the sources of content across your organization and who controls access.

  1. Are you limited from achieving real-time message alignment?

Think about the data that drives productivity and engagement in your organization and ask how relevant and timely the digital signage messaging is. For example, are you taking advantage of APIs in your enterprise systems to show real-time service levels to customer support department or to display overdue receivables alerts to the accounting department or quota attainment metrics to the sales department? How difficult is it to tap into these data streams and display them – intelligently and compellingly – to viewers? Note any limitations and opportunities to improve.

  1. Are displays optimally located and in working order?

Audit displays by location, model, and age to identify any risks or opportunities for improvement. You may find digital signage with physical display issues – dead pixels, improperly scaled content – or find out-of-warranty equipment nearing end of life. Are there under- or over-served locations and opportunities to relocate or add digital signage to reach other audiences more effectively?

The questions above aren’t a complete annual physical but they are a great start towards optimizing your digital signage and creating a governance plan to get healthy. Feeling overwhelmed? Let Korbyt do the work for you. We’ve helped many clients review, (re)design, (re)deploy and optimize their digital communications to help better engage and motivate employees. At Korbyt we provide clients with customizable digital signage health checks and governance plans to get the most out of their workplace communications investments.