5 Ways To Increase Engagement For Remote Workers

Reading Time: 3 minutes

With the current COVID-19 pandemic requiring more workers than ever to work from home, workplace internal communications and employee engagement are top of mind for a lot of businesses right now.

Maybe you have never considered maximizing employee engagement, with internal communications, until recently when you realized that it is going to be more challenging to keep your employees productive remotely.

Most companies should expect to have some challenges with employee engagement and productivity as office workers adapt to new challenges and distractions that may come with working from home.

So with challenges in mind, three simple questions are worth asking:

  1. How engaged is your remote workforce?
  2. What are you doing to keep them engaged or increase their positive engagement?
  3. Are you maximizing your investment in your intranet?

Recent research from ADP’s Global Study of Engagement suggests that only 1 in 6 employees are fully engaged with their work. Knowing engagement is a constant struggle for many businesses in normal times, what should you be doing to increase engagement for the remote workforce?

Of course, there are video collaboration tools (like Zoom, Teams, and Slack) for meetings and working sessions. And company intranets offer places to post messages and announcements. But these tools are only as strong as the messaging they carry. In a separate article we discuss the importance of the different types of messaging but for now let’s focus on how to use technology to increase engagement and maximize your returns.

Here are a few easy tips to better leverage technology to drive engagement with remote workers:

  • Survey says!
    • Use short employee surveys to collect ice-breaker information to use in personal appreciation messaging and to strengthen team bonds.
    • eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) Surveys are an important tool in evaluating engagement by simply asking employees if they would recommend the company as a great place to work.
    • Korbyt Anywhere provides a built-in survey tool that can be used to build and send these quick surveys to employees on desktop or mobile and the analytics tools to capture results. Korbyt Anywhere can also be integrated easily with third party survey tools.
  • Quiz time!
  • Create short quizzes (with prizes for high scores of course) to check on your product and service training effectiveness. Quiz participation can also help you measure engagement and compliance.
  • Keep your Intranet Updated and Redirect Employees to it with Other Channels
  • Company and department intranet pages provide a great resource and place to post current information on company goals, performance and employee recognition. By keeping it up to date, you’ll train employees to check in frequently for new information.
  • Redirect employees to the intranet for longer form content. With Korbyt Anywhere’s omni-channel messaging, you can reinforce and drive employee’s to the intranet through mobile, desktop, email, and digital signage. Communicating to employees through multiple channels is a best practice for increasing the odds of messaging effectiveness.
  • Gamification to Drive Adoption and Amplify Messaging
  • Many companies use gamification principles to add elements of friendly competition to track KPIs between departments. Rewards can be as simple as bragging rights and virtual kudos or if budgets allow, employees always appreciate a gift card.
  • Korbyt Anywhere provides communicators with gamification tools to increase mobile app adoption and also to help you leverage your internal promoters and champions to amplify messaging.
  • Publish key performance metrics to teams on a frequent basis
  • When teams and departments know where they stand against goals, they tend to perform better. Strive for real-time or near real-time updates if possible. There are desktop dashboards and mobile apps that integrate with production systems, CRMs, and enterprise data sources that make automating KPI delivery easy and practical.

Our Korbyt Anywhere platform is a great tool for keeping employees engaged and productive when working remotely. Korbyt Anywhere workplace communications platform publishes not only to digital signage but also features a desktop client and a mobile app for targeted employee messaging. With built-in quizzes and surveys, gamification, integrations with Zoom, Slack, Teams, SharePoint (and more), and even embeddable content widgets for Intranets and external apps, Korbyt Anywhere helps you extend your messaging beyond digital signage to reach employees wherever they may be.

Contact us today for more ideas on engaging your remote workforce with Korbyt Anywhere.