5 Ways to Optimize Digital Signage Content

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Content is a complex, multi-faceted effort. Optimizing digital signage will only be successful with an overarching, well-developed content strategy.

But a quality strategy doesn’t just develop on its own.

Humans are visual beings and since 65% of the population are visual learners, one of the best ways to drive the message home and engage everyone is through visual and interactive content. Which is why incorporating digital signage within the content strategy is important. But how does a company get started? These five best practices will help companies overcome key content barriers and establish an engaging and effective strategy for content across the board.

  1. Content Governance

A documented policy will help ensure proper corporate controls in managing content distribution through your digital signage platform. It will help provide the content creators an organized structure, system and guidelines to help with the consistency of developing and publishing your content. Some ideas to consider when developing your content governance include: assigning ownership, defining target audiences, setting content objectives and laying out content processes.

  1. Content Refresh

With today’s technology, personalizing communications to your targeted audience has become easier. It’s time to stop guessing what people want, and start delivering what they’ve been looking for. And that begins with disposing of all stale content and replacing it with tailored, timely and fresh content because it’s all about educating, entertaining and informing your readers with relevant and personalized content.

  1. Digital Signage Audit

How does the content on your screens look? Content may be king but don’t forget about the formatting and aesthetics of the content on your digital signage. When done right, visuals grab your viewers’ attention and convey information in an easy-to-digest manner which tends to have a lasting impression designed to impact and engage your audiences. If the content and design is repetitive, your employees, customers, or potential clients will tune it out. So be sure to make it lively.

Also remember that location does matter! So be sure to conduct an audit for the digital screens too. This includes screen placements, screen size, line of sight, distance and traffic to enhance the consumer or employee experience and maximize results.

  1. Static & Video Storytelling

Augmenting your static content with video storytelling is another great way to keep up with the changing digital landscape or to respond to the audiences with shorter attention spans. It provides the value, relevance and the effectiveness consumers need. Videos are useful, compelling, cutting-edge forms of content that enhance engagement and can empower your internal communications strategy.

  1. Content Calendar & Editorial Planning

One of the most helpful steps you can take in your employee communications strategy is developing a well thought out content and editorial calendar. It’s what keeps people on track, deadlines met, teams aware and goals achieved. Most missed deadlines are due to lack of a centralized calendar. It simplifies your communication strategy and enables a campaign-based approach, rather than one-offs.

Knowing exactly what you’re going to write about in advance allows for a much more strategic approach to your company’s internal communications. It takes all your channels and resources and organizes them in an effective and efficient way for your content team to follow. Remember to get specific. Decide what content needs to be quarterly, weekly, daily or dynamic — and what content should be static or video.

Everything boils down to having a well-developed content strategy in place to leverage your dynamic workplace communications platform. Take these five steps to begin optimizing your digital signage to maximize its full potential for your company. Contact us for a digital signage audit of your signage network.