How Do You Use Targeting to Drive Employee Engagement?

Communications Targeting
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“I thought you understood me.” Certainly not a line you want to hear in any relationship. But as hurtful as that might be on the personal front — what are the repercussions when it’s your employees talking?

Don’t wait for your workforce to signal its dissatisfaction through less interest, less productivity, and more attrition. The right technology holds the potential for powerful, creative communication with your employees. A digital workplace is powered by many integrated micro-moments: regular interactions throughout the day that combine to create a culture of increased engagement across your organization.

To innovate your workplace communications requires a keen understanding of your employees. Job type, specializations, department and team assignments, locations, tenure — these and more are the employee data attributes that workplace experience platforms use to deliver the right message to the right employee in the right way. These types of communication will be received and understood more favorably by your employees and provide crucial insight into the performance of your content.

Reduce the Noise

Man Checking Mobile alertThis is where audience segmentation for internal communications is invaluable. Targeting messages ensures you adapt the content to ensure it is relevant to the people you want to communicate with. For engineers, you choose technical language. Accountants may be more interested in company performance. Senior leaders speak strategy and outcomes. The folks in the New York office want one thing, the staff in Seattle something else. There’s a special set of communications for all remote employees.

Personalization is where a workplace experience platform comes in. A core element of the technology is enterprise content management, allowing you to create audience groups and easily design, create, publish and measure content that drives employee engagement across multiple channels and screens. When you target content and experiences to relevant audiences, you cut through the noise, and in return you capture the attention of employees and obtain a firm understanding of how your content performed.

A Personal Experience

The next step in targeting is personalizing your content. We’re all used to custom communication in every other facet of our digital lives, from curated social media feeds to AI-infused e-commerce. Personalization in the workplace helps make your employee feel connected, understood and motivated.

Send an employee daily updates on key performance indicators, and how those measure up to the team — setting standards and encouraging better performance. Provide reminders of how a particular individual or team contribution fits into the overall mission of the company. Create a personalized news feed that draws in role-specific content from aggregated sources, to help an employee stay on top of industry trends and facts.

Communicating customized information to employees enhances dialogues in the workplace — and builds two-way relationships with your employees.

Meet Your Employees Where They Work

Working during travelCommunications don’t matter if your employees don’t have access. You’ll need technology that ensures cross-device experiences for anytime, anywhere accessibility, with sophisticated targeting and personalization options that cater to different devices: on-premise digital signage, in-office desktops, remote laptops or a mobile device. These experiences can be tailored to the user, so every screen is optimized for effectiveness.

Beyond messaging, targeting can also serve each employee the most relevant business apps, tools and resources they rely on to get work done: access to internal information, completing tasks, or gaining knowledge. While each workforce member benefits from a unique interaction, a consistent and frictionless experience across your entire technology landscape makes for a shared digital space: uniting frontline workers through your mobile app and traditional workers on their desktop.

Rather than hunting down training videos and presentations, a central repository for learning materials can serve individuals and teams the information they need in a targeted fashion. Two-way features encourage the company’s experts to add educational content, increasing the knowledge base for the company.

An Experience to Learn From

When employee engagement is predominately online, one central platform makes it easier to measure the impact of your strategy over time and in real-time. A digital workplace experience platform gives workplace leaders a single place to manage targeted employee interactions. It also provides important insight into how employees are using digital channels and devices and suggests adjustments that can lead to improved engagement and productivity.

Are your employees finding the information or data they need? Is video content producing more engagement with frontline workers, while office staff prefer written articles? Are communications more effective when coming from leadership?

Platform analytics and reporting features track employee reach, engagement, productivity and retention. Examining the right data presents opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of how your content informs the business and drives outcomes.

What’s In It for Me?

It’s not self-serving to ask. It’s just good business… as are the answers. Targeted communications activate:

Employee Engagement: People engage more with digital content when the headlines, images, and videos are relevant to their job, current challenges or interests.

Increased Productivity: Direct communication of goals and tasks, shared knowledge and resources, and key performance indicators and outcomes brings clarity, removes confusion, and enables team members to be more productive.

Deeper Insights: Analyzing content performance by content type, role, department or location can distinguish between content meant for all and content best personalized to drive better outcomes.

“Targeting” may sound cold and impersonal. But it’s driven by a particularly human quality: understanding. The workplace experience platform that makes that happen provides your workforce with exactly what they need, when they need it, whatever their role. The more you know, the more you can deliver the personal, relevant communications that engage your employees with an outstanding digital employee experience.