Visual Supply Chain Solutions for Distribution Centers

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Distribution centers rely on consistent performance and productivity to maintain bottom line profitability. The largest and most pervasive challenge to distribution centers is management of data. How does a company manage and utilize that data to make an impact that positively benefits the company as a whole?

Data to deliver performance increases

Supply chain managers have at their disposal incredible amounts of data. Warehouse management systems, labor management systems, and line management tools. Spending money in areas highest in labor productivity, such as voice picking and pick to light tools is only solving half the battle. Communicating effectively, through digital signage, desktops, and mobile devices, with employees to drive target goals closes the loop and gives the employee a metric to motivate them to needed levels by letting them know just how they are doing in real time.

Silos of Information Limit Productivity

With all the insights offered by your various management applications, real time performance management should be simple. Unfortunately, disparate, unconnected management systems require recording and analysis to be actionable, which takes time. Visual supply chain solutions connect the various silos of information, bringing together KPI’s in an impactful way to enhance your organization’s performance and minimize slowdowns to maintaining delivery schedules.

Managing the Flow of Communication

Managing the flow of communication for performance improvement is not just about KPI’s delivery. While the real-time display of mission critical information is the goal, adding a layer to engage interaction is what really empowers your team to and creates a feeling of being a part of the increased results and the company family. Engagement of your employees is proven to be a strategy that aligns your employees to company objectives and helps increase productivity as much as 21%*.

Control Costs Increase Output

A Visual supply chain solution delivers near instant insight into all areas of your operation that can be monitored, measured, and optimized to heighten individual performance or maintain line synchronization. Safety information, production line schedules, pick information all become real-time performance metrics that can be managed when timing is crucial to maximize output and put more dollars on the bottom line.

Day old data to make changes to today’s production schedule is inefficient and lacks the real time benefits that keep firms competitive in today’s business climate. Contact us today to discover ways to improve your supply chain’s performance and add to your company’s profitability.

*2018 Gallup Employee Engagement Study