Extend Digital Signage to the Desktop and Drive Engagement

Enable Real-Time Data Visualization to The Desktop

Keep your call center agents engaged and productive with data and communications with Korbyt’s desktop solution.  InView drives team and agent productivity through personalized content and performance metric dashboards, keeping employees engaged and aligned with targets and goals. Measure engagement and drive compliance with surveys, quizzes and message analytics.

Real-Time Data Drives Agent Performance

Korbyt desktop pushes centrally managed content to your employees worldwide. Give your workforce immediate visibility of the most important and relevant information they need in order to monitor productivity and maximize results.

Content is displayed in a designated location and size on the employee desktop. Korbyt fully integrates with your current internal communications content, key data metrics, alerts, and more. InView gives companies the ability to determine what, when, where, and to whom information is pushed.

Call Center Signage - Leaderboard
Breakroom Digital Sign
Safety Signage
Real-Time Digital Signage
Lobby Digital Signage - LED wall

Korbyt is loaded with built-in connectivity to over 200 applications, allowing you the ability to display mission critical KPI’s that drive enhanced operational performance.

  • CSV

  • Generic Fixed data

  • JSON

  • Microsoft Exchange 365

  • Microsoft Sharepoint 365

  • Office 365

  • Outlook Calendar

  • Amadeus

  • Amazon Connect

  • Avaya CMS

  • Cisco Finesse

  • Facebook

  • Genesys Pure Cloud

  • Google Analytics

  • RSS Adapter
  • RSS Feed
  • Text Parser
  • Linkedin

  • Oracle

  • Salesforce

“Korbyt has no doubt helped us advance our corporate communications to the next level. The Korbyt platform is the innovative and scalable solution we were looking for to power content across our global enterprise.”

- BP International

“The Korbyt team demonstrated a true partnership. They jumped in immediately to get our digital signage back up and running on their platform, minimizing our communication down-time.”

- Pensacola International Airport

“(Korbyt) continue to help us create fantastic guest experiences. They share our vision and bring that vision to life through their creativity and technology.”

- Kennedy Space Center

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