Digital Signage Layout Templates


Content Creation & Publishing

Say hello to the ultimate creative control for your screen content and data. Korbyt Anywhere provides a robust suite of flexible tools to imagine, craft and publish compelling content across your workplace. Easily design new static or interactive layouts with your choice of images, video and text. Or update content quickly with a wide range of professionally designed templates.

Video Just Got Versatile

Use attention-getting video to capture your audience’s interest, increase impressions and motivate action.

True Content Design

Combine images and text in standout ways that communicate your brand to your workforce and visitors.


Direct all your people to the right spaces at the right times with wayfinding for your modern workplace.

wayfinding signage map
Office wallboard signage

News You Will Use

Integrate real-time news and workplace events into your content feeds to keep everyone engaged and up to date.

Targeting Effectiveness

Target personalized content to specific groups based on demonstrated interest, location, title or role.
With the specialized Command feature, content can be assigned to one or more players based on geography.

Signage player distribution zones

The Best Playlist

Playlists are a smarter way to plan your content schedule and distribute relevant content to specific audiences, based on their interests, time of day, location or job role.

Plan Group Activities

With Player Groups, pre-assign content to specific screens, whether in-office or at a remote location.

Signage roles and locations
Digital signage zones

Zoning in on Content

Content managers use Boards to create screen zones that display the most pertinent content and data.

Build a Better Kiosk

Kiosk Builder is the no-code way to design and implement kiosk displays that enable easy wayfinding, reservations, message communications, alerts, training notices and more.

Interactive touchless signage kiosk