Interactive Kiosk Sign


Space Management

Welcome employees and guests back to the office with a smart, interactive solution that manages the safety, display and reservations of your in-house and remote work environment.

Korbyt Anywhere’s Space Management features enable Admins to create and manage interactive maps of the workplace to enable employees and visitors to find and reserve safe spaces to work. Connect the hybrid work experience through digital signage and displays, desktops and mobile devices to direct employees and visitors, while a smart reservation system secures available conference rooms and workstations for teams and individuals.

Scheduling display for space management

Smart Reservations for Your Hybrid Workplace

Find the best, safe space for the individual, team and task.

Matchmaking people and places. Our real-time reservation system matches conference room and workstation availability with the needs of your workforce. Align available space with proper social distancing related to safety and health.

Dynamic Maps that Direct Action

Turn your maps of your workplace into enhanced on-the-go screens that guide your workforce and visitors to every available location.

Meet the GPS for your workplace. When you upload your maps to the Korbyt Anywhere platform, your space becomes truly interactive. Explore scenario-planning based on space utilization, safety needs, and integrations with check-in technologies.

Space management selection map
Space management access devices

Manage the Visitor Experience on Every Screen

Visitor management creates a safe, secure and welcoming experience for visitors and employees.

Think of it as the pro-level, “Mi casa, su casa.” Simplify visitor check-in with self-serve registration, utilize real-time access to visitor logs and manage space capacities on-demand.