Customer Case Study: Transforming the Banking Experience with Digital Signage

There are multiple reasons why consumers choose a particular bank, but without a doubt, the consumer experience at the different points of contact, is one of the fundamental. Santander, one of the world’s largest and most revered banks, chose digital signage as a way to reflect their innovative approach and transform their in-lobby consumer experience.

Santander selected Korbyt’s content management platform in partnership with OpenEye Global to build a comprehensive digital merchandising and signage program for 700+ banking locations. The goal was to leverage this digital signage to engage their customers with dynamic, targeted content, strengthening the bank’s presence and positioning as an industry leader.

The Challenge

OpenEye Global won the opportunity to bring digital signage to Santander in September 2013 and had the rigorous challenge of deploying an effective program to 700+ locations within 2 months. The bank’s footprint covers eight states including some of the most populous DMAs in the world including
Boston, New York, and Philadelphia.

Then, the digital signage software needed to offer the banks a way to:

  • Project a consistent (and modern) brand presence within each bank
  • Offer content contributors an easy way to manage content
  • Communicate both corporate and local content to customers
  • Segment content by locations, time zones and targeted customer behaviors

The Solution

The rollout needed to quickly overcome logistical challenges, which included working within the bank’s robust security and IT infrastructure to install the hardware and integrate the software at a rate of 25 locations per day.

To work efficiently, OpenEye Global designed a system to integrate with the client’s help desk and IT department to ensure all 700+ locations are operating within the parameters of the program. If there was any interruption in the network, a ticket generated for testing and quality control, with a 99.9% resolve rate within 24 hours.

Being in the digital signage game for 10+ years, OpenEye Global knew the right hardware, software and content were all equally critical needs to implement a successful digital signage program for banking institution. They tapped trusted partner, Korbyt, to power the content through their proprietary digital signage software.


Leveraging Korbyt’s software platform, Santander was able to:

Modernize brand appeal

Digital signage
 makes it easier for Santander to tell their story in a visually engaging way. Screens located within each bank offer a modern design appeal while dynamic brand content helps communicate a consistent message, look and feel across all banking locations.

Efficiently manage content
One of the main value benefits of digital signage is the ability for Santander to update and manage the content of their whole network of screens in a simple way. With just a few clicks they can define what to display and where, without having to personally go to each branch to modify the content. This helps reduce costs and optimize resources.

Streamline communication
The solution also provided a centralized content management platform for Santander’s various channels, allowing for seamless integration with Santander’s marketing department and partners to create a content strategy that worked as an extension of their other marketing efforts.

Segment communication
Screens located within the banks allow the distribution of content, offers and promotions, segmenting the communication by locations, regions and time zones. The content can also integrate with external financial systems so that relevant information for customers can be displayed in real time

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Customer Case Study: Transforming the Banking Experience with Digital Signage

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