Korbyt and Amazon Connect Integration – Powering New Horizons in Customer Support for Pacific Life

Pacific Life, founded over 150 years ago by former California governor Leland Stanford, provides insurance products, annuities, and mutual funds.

Supporting and delivering its portfolio of products and services to its customers, Pacific Life employs approximately 1,000 contact center agents in multiple locations.

Contact centers succeed on ability to deliver extraordinary service and maintain and exceed their customers’ expectations for responsiveness. Success relies on the competitive advantage provided to agents and managers, becoming integral through their communications and data visualization platforms.

The project:

In 2019, Pacific Life contact center leaders moved to replace their on-premise contact center platform with cloud-based Amazon Connect.

After choosing Amazon Connect, Pacific Life confidently looked to Korbyt to provide an integrated application, displaying and transforming Amazon Connect data into actionable data visualizations on digital signage for agents and managers.

Pacific Life managers incorporate critical, engaging company messaging from HR, Marketing, and other departments. These messages increase employee engagement, reinforcing company vision and culture and include messages for employee recognition, anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

The Challenge

A challenge in moving to a new digital signage platform was minimizing disruption and the need for additional training for system administrators and content publishers. Pacific Life had built several business processes around their previous contact center data visualization system, including automating content management and publishing through One Drive folder integration. Pacific Life also sought to reduce internal support costs related to maintaining and upgrading on-premise servers powering the previous solutions.

Why Korbyt? Anywhere

Korbyt Anywhere’s cloud architecture and ability to integrate with Amazon Connect were big drivers in influencing Pacific Life to make the move to Korbyt, in conjunction with, moving to Amazon Connect.

With easy to use messaging and content publishing tools, Korbyt required little to no training for Pacific Life administrators. Korbyt also worked within their existing business processes, with a built-in OneDrive integration allowing administrators and content contributors to simply drag and drop media files into the system for automated publishing to displays.

Korbyt’s data integration API also provided Pacific Life with the assurance that additional enterprise data sources could be easily and quickly integrated should the need arise to change or augment the data visualizations.


The Korbyt powered solution displays a curated mix of aggregated and calculated call center performance data, individual agent statistics, company news, announcements, and employee recognition messages. The KPIs drive accountability and performance and the company and employee recognition content keep employees engaged with the company vision and mission. The digital signage displays in the call center provide managers the ability to “manage by walking around,” keeping KPI’s in view, at all times.

Benefits and Results

Key benefits of the solution include productivity gains and time savings for administrators and content publishers by automating some of the corporate content publishing to the displays. And the Korbyt Anywhere Cloud platform provides cost savings over the previous on-premises server solution by reducing the support time and capital expense required for hardware. With the Amazon Connect integration on the displays, real-time KPI’s keep Pacific Life employees productive and informed and help them deliver exceptional customer support.

With Korbyt Anywhere’s cloud-based architecture, platform patches and upgrades are an included part of the SaaS offering. Pacific Life IT managers enjoy the time saving benefits of the cloud offering and no longer spend nights and weekends testing and deploying on-premise server patches and upgrades. They are also able to maintain services during upgrades, reducing any impact to the business with the elimination of change windows and planned downtimes.