A Proven Framework to Mature Your Internal Communications Capabilities

2020 will forever be known as the year employee communications became critical and companies worldwide began reviewing their communications procedures.

The deficiencies illustrated by the recent disruption showed companies they may not be ready to deliver a modern, consumer-centric experience that employees are coming to expect. Internal communicators have tremendous opportunity to transform workplace communications by learning to leverage new capabilities and skills, reshaping themselves into modern content creators and internal marketers targeting communications to various audience segments, personalizing the employee workplace experience and driving productivity gains.

Join Gregg Apirian, Korbyt’s VP of Customer Experience as he leads a discussion with Pinaki Kathiari, CEO of internal communications agency Local Wisdom, discussing a strategic model to aid companies in assessing and maturing their employee communication capabilities, operations, and outcomes.

The key takeaways of this discussion:

  • An introduction to a communications maturity model
  • Demonstrable techniques to assess current state of communications delivering insight into future state possibilities
  • Utilizing the scoring metrics of the assessment to identify and take action for areas of improvement

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A Proven Framework to Mature Your Internal Communications Capabilities

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