Mastering Critical Communications in the COVID Era

Companies have taken on many new challenges in the COVID era. Ongoing health and safety concerns have tasked companies with bridging the gap between their remote workforce and those who have remained in the workplace. A company’s ability to segment and provide relevant messaging for different groups based on metadata from company wide to the individual is critical to business success and a requirement for good corporate governance.

Korbyt’s advanced Communications and Engagement Platform helps support the mission, vision, and culture of your company to ensure all employees remain engaged, productive and safe in their roles to successfully navigate this new normal.

Join us for an interactive webinar where you will learn:

  • Key tactics for communicating critical information to employees regardless of location
  • Event communication best practices that support health and safety at work
  • How to take priority action in real time to protect employees and customers
  • How to tap into the tools your team uses daily to provide engaging content and increase retention