Visualize Employee and Customer Engagement

Korbyt supports the mission, vision, and culture of your company to ensure all employees remain engaged and productive in their roles to successfully navigate this new normal.

Learn how Korbyt is driving business outcomes in the enterprise and shaping the future of the digital communications industry from Ankur Ahlowalia, CEO and George Clopp, CTO.

The modern workplace is constantly evolving. Korbyt® provides unique, engagement driven digital signage and digital communications capabilities, with numerous built-in features, to help you help your firm get back to work safely and efficiently.

Discover how:

  • How AI-assisted Content Management Improves Corporate Communication Outcomes
  • How Korbyt Advisor helps our customers get the most out of the platform, changing employee behavior delivering higher productivity and reduced turnover.
  • Understanding and Leveraging Engagement, Insights and Reporting
  • Measuring productivity and effectiveness with computer vision, interactivity and surveys
  • UI/UX that Makes the Content Creator’s Life Easier
  • Enhancements in UI/UX driving faster content creation
  • Integrations with Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Facebook Workplace and SharePoint all enabling greater connectivity for remote and dispersed teams
  • How to Solve Communication Problems for the Remote Workforce
  • Omni-channel Delivery and Message Targeting Enhancements with Sonar and KorbytGO
  • Internal employees – regardless of location or device
  • External Audiences – Vendors, Franchisees, Clients