Data Visualization Signage to Improve Overall Operational Effectiveness

Real-time visualization solutions provide managers the ability to bridge the gap between unconnected monitoring systems, aligning key metrics, to maximize operational efficiency with greater speed than ever before. Korbyt’s real-time solutions let managers bridge the gap between systems and people, putting information to work where it can make a difference.

Connect Information Silos to Enable Performance Improvement

Visualizing data is a great way to motivate your employees keeping them aware of overall performance and the part they pace in moving goals forward. Integrate data from operational excellence or production managers for instant viewing by key decision makers and front-line personnel.

Visualize Key Performance Indicators & Realize Engagement

Real-time visualizations constantly & consistently monitor your environment, with instant alert capability. Reach employees where they are & what devices they use. Whether distributing content to specific channels of a takeover of devices, you ensure your messaging is reaching its target.

Connect Performance Metrics and Accelerate Corrective Action

Gathering performance data from different line machines into actionable data minimizes production slowdowns. Rules and triggers alert line or warehouse managers of arising issues and allow for quick course adjustment.

Eliminate Manual Intervention in a Digital Workplace

Human intervention, whether it’s locating inventory or updating cycle counts, takes time and risks the introduction of errors in reporting. Connecting your WMS, LMS and ERP data to deliver performance aligning visualization eliminates waste, saves time and increases productivity.

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