Find and Reserve Rooms, Desks and Spaces

Make returning to the office easy and productive for employees and visitors, while giving you the insight to manage the costs of your real estate investments.

Key Features and Benefits of Modern Workspace Management

Easy to use content management system to add maps of building floors, manage availability of workspaces, and measure how space is used.

Set regions on every floor and the capacity per region to properly social distance people in any workspace or meeting room.

Enable employees to find and reserve desks, meeting rooms or workspaces for impromptu meetings or planned ahead of time through meeting room displays, desktop or mobile devices.

Turn meeting room displays, digital signage screens, and mobile devices into wayfinding experiences that navigate people to places.

When meeting room and digital signage displays are not in use, utilize them to engage people with important content and information.

workspace alert

Send emergency alerts to all meeting room and digital signage screens to inform employees about dangerous weather conditions or safety measures.

workspace analytics

Look at trends across your entire corporate campuses to see how space is used and how to maximize efficiency for future planning

workspace confirmation

Make it easy to check in guest visitors and approve their access to any area of a corporate building or campus.

Solutions That Maximize the Use of Individual and Shared Workspaces

conference room booking

Meeting Room Displays

Use meeting room displays to make it easy for employees to reserve meeting rooms and the equipment in the room. When booked, the meeting room reservation can be sent to an employee’s calendar where employee can then invite others to the meeting.

space management reservations

Workspace Reservations

As your employees return to your offices, help them find and reserve safe and flexible workspaces on every meeting room and digital signage display, and their mobile devices. Enable hot desking or reserving a meeting room for the team.

Wayfinding directory

Wayfinding & Directories

As employees come back to the office and explore hybrid work models, inform and empower them with interactive screens to navigate updated physical workplaces. Design engaging, interactive wayfinding and directory experiences that easily connect people and navigate people to places.

digital wallboard

Digital Signage

Use every available screen as a digital signage opportunity to maximize reach and engage with people. When meeting room displays are not in use, utilize them to display targeted content from any playlist to any player and digital signage screen.

room reservation on mobile app

Mobile Reservations

Simply add QR codes to any meeting room or digital signage displays to enable a touchless, mobile reservation experience. Employees can then find, reserve, and check into safe and flexible workspaces on their mobile devices.

space management analytics

Analytics & Insight

Analyze how your workspaces and meeting rooms are being used. Track which employees are using your workspaces and calculate space occupancy and usage by time of day and day of week.

Integrations that Power Workplace and Meeting Room Management

Korbyt Anywhere has an extensive list of integrations, making it easy to connect all the systems and equipment in a meeting room or workspace to the reservation to ensure maximum productivity.

Resources to Help Guide Your Transformation to the Hybrid Workplace

As you explore transforming your digital workplace experience, look to Korbyt to provide you with all the thought leadership resources you need from articles, webinars, case studies, and more.

Use Korbyt Anywhere to Power Your Hybrid Workforce

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