WORKPLACE EX - APRIL 27-28, 2021

Adam Bowser

Adam Bowser

Director of IT

As a technologist and tinkerer growing up, I surprised my family by changing my course of study from Engineering to Creative Writing (scaring them may be more accurate in some cases).  However, the way that creativity extends and empowers language is foundational to the way I engage technology—wielding systems and logic with an innovative approach. As Director of Information Technologies at One Diversified, LLC, I lead a dynamic team of system architects, engineers and technicians within the evolving discipline of IT, accelerated by the fast-paced demands of digital media. My team has designed an adaptable, enterprise infrastructure deploying content to 20,000+ graphic-intensive media players, while maintaining high availability of services. 

Since taking the IT helm of the Digital Media Group in One Diversified, I have led several forward-thinking initiatives to position One Diversified as an industry leader in the digital signage and communication industry.  Focusing on cybersecurity, I led an effort for One Diversified to be the first corporation to become SOC2 certified within the AudioVisual Integrator space.   In 2018, my team upgraded the conventional infrastructure to a hyperconverged virtual storage solution, adding a ‘hot’ layer of redundancy to the Diversified Data center.  

In addition to my role at Diversified, from 2017-2020, I served as an Advisory Board Member at Rutgers University for their recently launched Customer Experience (CX) Certificate Program, helping to provide resources and leadership to the program’s candidates and improve the curriculum. In 2020, I was brought on as an IT Advisor for IPGen, a cutting-edge platform that uses AI and blockchain for analyzing, predicting and analyzing intellectual property. I am currently the founder and Chair of Project Giza, a diversity and inclusion initiative at One Diversified with over 40 members. 

I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Rutgers University-Newark and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Tech in Interdisciplinary Studies.