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SOLUTIONS cloud based digital signage software cloud based digital signage cloud based digital signage software

RMG offers end-to-end solutions for your visual enterprise needs. From industry-specific solutions, LED digital signage and to strategic content services, find what you need with RMG.


Industry Solutions

A Visual Enterprise Platform for Your Industry

Powerful enough for an entire ecosystem: digital signage, desktop and mobile.

Flexible enough for every industry.

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cloud based digital signage See Engagement and Productivity Soar

Create compelling, interactive content that’s personalized and customized by time, place and device. Push messages to mobile, desktop and digital signage for greater impact across your enterprise.

  • Company newsfeeds
  • Leadership announcements
  • Safety training and messaging
  • Crisis and weather alerts
  • Employee surveys and quizzes
  • Dashboards and performance metrics
cloud based digital signage software

83% of businesses rank engagement as a top goal, but only 23% are doing something about it.

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cloud based digital signage

Content Creation Made Easy cloud based digital signage software

Korbyt is so easy to use, anyone can create content. With Korbyt, creators spend less time organizing and scheduling content and more time driving engagement and results with frequent content updates.

  • Manage all content from an individual location
  • Support content authoring from across the enterprise
  • Browser-based management of videos, audio, messages, graphics and data streams
  • Drag-and-drop layout editor
  • Intuitive and dynamic content scheduling
  • Responsive layouts for mobile and tablet viewers
cloud based digital signage

Connect your global workplace

Make your company truly global by connecting through centralized messaging.

Cloud & On-Prem

Reach All Employees — Even Field-Based

Target individuals and groups by location, department, title and more.

Easy Access

Boost Employee Engagement and Performance

See real-time results with reporting and performance management tools.

Mobile Internal Communications

cloud based digital signage software

The Go-To Employee App

KorbytGO is a mobile platform that intuitively and impactfully integrates with each employees’ workflow and day-to-day life in the office.

Connect employees to your organization in an impactful way with KorbytGO.

connectivity Korbyt integrates with your current internal communications system, key data metrics, alerts and more.

  • Seamless integration with multiple data sources including all major ACD vendors – Genesys, Avaya, Aspect, Cisco
  • Mix KPI data dashboards with triggered training messages based on call volume or any other data point
  • Engage employees and spur performance with dynamic digital signage displays positioned strategically throughout your contact center
cloud based digital signage software
cloud based digital signage

Information When and Where You Need It connectivity

  • Enable managers and agents to check performance stats from anywhere
  • Coordinate shift scheduling, document sharing, chat features
  • Conduct real-time employee surveys for immediate feedback
  • Encourage employees to connect and collaborate

Stay connected to critical information

Contact center managers can avert crises, conduct training and look for areas of improvement while staying connected to detailed, vital information

Cloud & On-Prem

Data Visualization that boost morale

Getting immediate feedback on problems helps contact center managers make adjustments before they reach a critical stage

Easy Access

Boost revenue while decreasing costs

A better connected workforce leads to less turnover, improved customer satisfaction scores and, ultimately, a better bottom line

Desktop Internal Communications

cloud based digital signage software

The Internal Communications Impact App

A powerful desktop dashboard application that connects employees and managers with internal communications and personalized metrics.

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connectivity Retail Innovation on Display

Korbyt opens countless opportunities to boost the impact, flexibility and effectiveness of every point of visual communications, including:

  • In-store digital merchandising
  • End-cap digital signage and endless aisle applications
  • Touchscreen shopping and assisted-selling applications
  • Gamified shopping experiences with mobile retail app integrations
  • Wayfinding applications that direct mall shoppers to retail destinations
cloud based digital signage software
cloud based digital signage

Move Shoppers to Action connectivity

A digital signage strategy is a must-have for competitive advantage in retail. Dynamic video, interactive experiences and targeted messaging compel shoppers to action. Successfully implemented, digital signage increases store traffic, boosts sales and builds brand loyalty.

  • Manage all content from a single location to all your stores
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive graphic interface for content creation
  • Targeted consumer messaging by time of day, store location, inventory and more
  • Affordably scalable & network management
  • Customer engagement analytics

Engage Shoppers With Captivating Digital Signage

Establish two-way interaction by visualizing user generated content.

Cloud & On-Prem

Influence Shopper Decisions at the Point of Purchase

Give your advertising strategy new life with engaging and brand-enforcing communications.

Easy Access

Connect Shoppers With Your Brand at a Deeper Level

Promote your brand in a dynamic and effective way with eye-catching visual content.

LED Displays


Brilliance With LED

Leading the way in energy efficient, LED-based digital signage solutions, RMG MAX offers exceptional brightness, clarity, and readability from even great distances. Our advanced LED display technology helps to deliver your message with maximum impact at minimum cost.

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cloud based digital signage software See New Possibilities at Every Property

Whether their stay is for business or leisure, enhance the guest experience through every point of visual communication, promoting your offerings with intuitive displays such as:

  • Guest lobby video walls and reception desk displays
  • Assisted, interactive check-in kiosks
  • Virtual concierge services
  • Wayfinding and hotel directories
  • Conference room, restaurant, elevator and in-room digital signage
cloud based digital signage
cloud based digital signage software

Move Guest Satisfaction to New Heights cloud based digital signage

Compelling messages and robust graphics lead to more effective communications — and a more memorable guest experience. Korbyt helps you make every impression count by transforming displays into a visually compelling channel to promote all your property has to offer.

  • Targeted content by hotel location, time of day, guest demographics and more
  • Seamless data integration with property management systems
  • Easy to use – anyone can be a content creator
  • Scalable across all your properties in any location
  • Real-time content updates that keep up with your hotel occupancy
cloud based digital signage software

Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Guests

Enhance the guest experience through visual communications and digital displays.

Cloud & On-Prem

Promote Your Amenities More Effectively

Transform every display into a visually compelling channel to promote your amenities.

Easy Access

Inform Guests With Relevant, Real-Time Information

New data integrations can be added in a matter of hours, not days, for immediate results.

Creative Services

Creative Content Solutions

Maximize Your Message With Creative Content Solutions

Our marketing and creative teams join forces to offer digital signage solutions packages including static and video storytelling, content calendars and editorial planning, content governance, digital signage audits and a content refresh tailored for your enterprise.

Optimize your digital signage with the right message, at the right time and delivered through the right channels.

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