Maximizing digital displays on USC’s campus with Korbyt | The Idea Xchange

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Today’s evolving educational landscape sees students demanding an immersive and dynamic campus experience. With technology constantly evolving, universities are utilizing digital signage displays to fulfill these expectations and cultivate engaging learning environments.

In a thought-provoking discussion, industry experts explore the transformative role of digital signage in higher education. Led by Mark Metzger, host of the Idea Xchange on AVIXA, the conversation features insights from Anker Ahlowalia, CEO at Korbyt; Lex Evans, Customer Experience Designer at the University of Southern California; and Lance Ford, an Education Advocate and Zoom Room Specialist.

From seamless integration to personalized engagement, the panelists delve into the ways technology, such as Zoom and digital signage, are reshaping student interactions with course content and classrooms. They highlight the importance of adaptable AV systems that cater to individual learning preferences, fostering a collaborative and inclusive educational experience.

Drawing from real-world examples, the discussion showcases the collaborative efforts between Korbyt and USC, demonstrating how digital displays enhance communication and community on campus. Whether it’s delivering timely announcements or showcasing student-generated content, digital signage plays a pivotal role in shaping the modern university experience.

For IT administrators and technology specialists alike, this conversation offers valuable insights into harnessing the potential of digital displays in higher education. Dive deeper into the topic and discover innovative solutions.