Keep Students Informed, Engaged,
and Safe with Campus Digital Signage Solutions

Upgrade campus communications that reach everyone on campus with essential information that creates a safe and inclusive spirit of higher learning.  

Korbyt university solutions are approved for HECVA LITE toolkit.

Campus Communication Solutions That Inform, Protect, and Engage

campus signage with QR code

Student Communications

Display important information on every digital signage screen across campus to promote engagement like campus news, event information, emergency notifications, or social media posts.

Student Memories

Korbyt solution integrates with university website to enable student to share their memories and personal experiences as a student with university communications teams.

Mobile weather alert

Health and Safety

Protect and inform anyone on campus through emergency alerts and messaging to digital signage screens that proactively communicate safety, dangerous weather conditions, or any critical incidents that pose a threat to life, health or well-being.

campus digital signage

Faculty and Staff Communications

Inform and align faculty and staff with targeted communications and access to university resources they need to use or share, such as research, thought leadership, promote events, or communicate policies.

campus wayfinding

Campus Wayfinding

Inform and guide new students, staff, and visitors with interactive wayfnding experiences that help them navigate their way to buildings, classes, events, and cafeterias.

Higher education space management

Workspace and Meeting Room Reservation

Display classroom or event schedules on workspace displays, where faculty, staff, and students can also find and reserve classroom, meeting or study rooms to maximize collaboration and learning.

Key Features and Benefits of Modern Campus Communications

Easy to use content management system and interactive screens designed to improve communication to students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Eliminate confusion with interactive wayfinding that guides students and visitors to any building or location on campus.

Reserve study rooms, classroom, and meeting rooms with interactive displays to maximize use of shared spaces.

Protect students, faculty and visitors with emergency alerts and messaging on every screen across campus to reduce safety incidents.

Engage faculty and university employees with personalized content and information on their mobile and desktop devices.

Decentralize communications with control by enabling faculty, staff and students to easily contribute content to digital signage screens without requiring administrative access.

Get a Masters Degree in Communication

While you study more on elevating campus experiences, explore these thoughtful resources to help you transform your communications approach and capabilities.

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