Drive better engagement with Automation, AI and, Machine Learning

Korbyt’s Machine Learning Broadcast empowers everyday communicators with cutting-edge cluster-based data mining algorithms, delivering powerful content recommendations

Increase dwell time by determining what content captures attention

Refine playlists dynamically based on AI driven camera optics, user feedback, and Business Intelligence (BI)

Automate communications by finding and scheduling new content based on metadata

Trusted by leading Enterprises

Korbyt helps communicators leverage AI and Machine Learning to automate content with Machine Learning Broadcast

Audience Analytics

Korbyt uses AI algorithms to analyze data captured by camera optics, such as demographic information, facial expressions, and audience engagement metrics. These analytics help businesses understand their audience better, enabling personalized content delivery and targeted messaging.

Object Recognition

AI algorithms integrated with camera optics in Korbyt can recognize and identify objects in real time. This enables contextual content delivery based on the presence of specific objects or products. For example, if a person is holding a particular item, the digital signage can display relevant information or promotions related to that product.

Real-Time Content Optimization

Korbyt utilizes AI-powered camera optics to optimize content in real time based on visual analysis of the environment. By monitoring factors like lighting conditions, crowd density, or viewer interactions, the system can adjust the content layout and presentation to ensure optimal visibility and engagement.

Analytics and Insights

Korbyt’s AI-powered camera optics provide valuable analytics and insights about audience behavior, attention patterns, and engagement levels. This data helps businesses measure the effectiveness of their digital signage campaigns, make informed decisions, and continuously improve their content strategies.

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