Space Management

Make Every Space in Your Organization Searchable and Bookable

Find the best, safe space for the individual, team and task.

Our flexible, real-time hoteling system easily matches your people with available rooms and workstations, aligned with employee needs for health, safety, and productivity.

Wayfinding Maps that Navigate People to Places

Turn maps of your workplace into enhanced wayfinding screens that interactively guide employees to find their way around the office.

As employees come back to the office, inform and empower them with an easy way to navigate changes made to your physical workplace. Maps uploaded to Korbyt Anywhere can be 2D or 3D and help employees acclimate to new changes to physical office spaces while directing them from where they are to where they need to get to.

Communicate with Employees to Build Trust

Communicate your commitment to a safe, healthy, and welcoming back-to-office experience for employees.

Workplace Analytics & Insights

Act on your data to measure and manage space utilization needs and opportunities across your hybrid workplace.