Easy-to-Use Content Management

An intelligent content management system (CMS) enables ultimate control for your screen display. Publish engaging content across your workplace with easy, powerful tools to design and communicate your message with images, video, text, or data.

Launchpads & Layouts

Choose from a vast library of pre-existing templates or use Korbyt Anywhere’s Photoshop-like design tools to create new static or dynamic layouts with your choice of images, video, text, and data.


Say hello to the ultimate creative control for your screen content and data. Builder enables CMS users to easily design simple-to-advanced layouts and digital experiences.

Korbyt Clever Playlist with Machine Learning

Leverage Korbyt Clever Playlist feature to build communication feeds that could be broadcasted simultaneously on mobile, desktop, signage, web and email.


Most Popular communication feed templates available are:

Corporate communications 

Financial Dashboards & Reports

Performance Dashboards

Human Resources

Health and Wellness 

Workforce Recognition

Company History/legacy 

Social Media

Travel & Weather

Business & Entertainment News


Playlists are a smarter way to schedule and publish your content to different audiences, based on their role, department, location, interests, or time of day.


Use attention-getting video to capture your audience’s interest, increase engagement and motivate action.

Managing Zones

Share the screen with others. Create screen zones that share space to communicate relevant content and information and can be managed by multiple CMS users.


Korbyt Anywhere’s wide range of integrations are the most comprehensive you will find. Enable a frictionless sign in, visualize data in user friendly dashboards, and personalize the workplace experience.

Kiosk Builder

Kiosk Builder is the no-code way to design and implement kiosk displays that enable interactive experiences like wayfinding, workspace reservations, corporate directories, or training experiences.


Couriers are the technology go-betweens that ensure your Media Library is always up to date and in-sync with your other media storage systems.

Users & Authentication

Put your employee data to work. Securely integrate your data with Korbyt Anywhere to enable a personalized workplace experience.

Roles & Permissions

Align your governance strategy to the features of Korbyt Anywhere by assigning each CMS user to a role with a specific set of permissions.