:zap: Meet us at InfoComm, June 12-14. Booth C6615. :zap:
:zap: Meet us at InfoComm, June 12-14. Booth C6615. :zap:
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Better Outcomes Together

Korbyt Anywhere supercharges your investment in the Microsoft ecosystem, extending its capabilities to reach your employees with targeted information in any location. Together they align your workforce for the outcomes needed to achieve your goals: more engagement, more collaboration, more productivity.

Accelerate ROI with Korbyt Anywhere & Microsoft

Korbyt Anywhere's integrations with the Microsoft stack enables limitless possibility for your business and workforce. When you visualize data, decentralize content publishing, and enhance access to critical documents — you drive performance.

Automate User Management

At the call center, work-from-home or remote, Korbyt Anywhere is available to all of your Supervisors and Agents. Real-time, targeted data is pushed to any screen or device — desktops, mobile devices, or digital signage wallboards— visualized to drive ease of use, engagement, and productivity.  

Anywhere Content Management

Korbyt Anywhere’s integration with Sharepoint is unrivaled, enabling powerful decentralized publishing between the two. A dynamic rules engine takes any media file stored on Sharepoint and can publish it to desktop screens and digital signage playlists, where it can display solo or share space with other content on screen. This can work the other way too where CMS users can also embed media assets from Korbyt Anywhere into Sharepoint web pages.

Omnichannel Content Management

Sync your OneDrive with Korbyt Anywhere’s Media Manager for seamless, two-way asset management, creating an efficient content publishing workflow that enables more content contributors to publish your content and information to digital signages screens, mobile and desktop devices, and email inboxes.

Embed the Workplace Experience

Embed your workplace experience into Teams with Korbyt Anywhere. Use Korbyt’s Sonar feature to embed workspace reservations, wayfinding, and critical employee information directly within the Teams application.

Real-time Data Visualization

Use Korbyt Anywhere’s Power BI and Dynamics integrations and OAuth2 authentication to display business intelligence data side-by-side with any other content, to drive knowledge, collaboration, and productivity.

Extend the Invitation

Korbyt Anywhere connects meeting room displays and workspace reservations features to Exchange Calendaring. Now when an employee reserves a desk or meeting room they can add the reservation to their own calendar and invite other attendees.

Slide on to Screen

Add native Powerpoint to your entire omnichannel strategy with Korbyt Anywhere. Easily play an entire presentation — or just a selected slide range — on desktop, mobile or digital signage. Go full screen — or put PPT in one zone, with video of a presenter in another. Combine your PPT content to create powerful and unforgettable visual experiences.

Experience Korbyt Anywhere + Microsoft

See first-hand how Korbyt Anywhere integrates with various Microsoft technologies to simplify the way you work and the experiences you create. To get started, please provide your information for a no-obligation consultation and demo.