Best Practices for Rocking Digital Signage and Winning Customers!

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Baglan Rhymes

fashion kioskPosters, billboards, banners, or street signs—those types of signage have never been unsuccessful with their attention-grabbing graphics and cunning messages. They caught your attention, stayed with you, and convinced you to act. Agree with me; signage has always been a powerful marketing tool, showing people the way, promoting products and services, and leading you to buy that thing. And like everything else, it has evolved into digital signage today, taking the game to a whole new level!

Digital signage has added a touch of magic that can’t be ignored. It feels like a black-and-white movie suddenly turned into a dazzling 3D spectacle!

Yes, with digital signage, you can engage customers in ways never before possible. Create dynamic displays that change with time and make an unforgettable impression. Digital signage has unlocked a world of possibilities that even the most creative marketers couldn’t have imagined a few years ago.

Sounds exciting, right? So let’s dive into the best practices for using digital signage to captivate, engage, and woo your customers.

1. Your Audience Is Your VIP!

Do you know what sets the foundation of successful signage? Knowing your audience. Learn about your audience like you’d be interested in knowing about a close friend.  

You can’t call yourself close to someone without knowing their wants, needs, and what makes them tick. So make time and effort to know your audience and craft messages that resonate with them. They will feel connected and want to come back for more.

2. Content Is King. Yes, Here Too!

Content was the king, is still the king, and will continue to be so. Because why not? 

Go back to your childhood when you were walking down a street with your parents or recall a recent visit to a shopping mall; there never was a display that didn’t catch your attention like a shooting star. Was there?

Clever content is truly magical! 

So make sure you use vibrant visuals, catchy headlines, and stunning imagery to stop people in their tracks.

Go, instill that “Wow” element in your content!

3. Dynamic Is Magical!

Just like nobody likes to watch the same movie repeatedly, the same applies to signage.

Nobody wants to see the same messages again and again. So don’t ruin the fun; choose dynamic displays that change and surprise your audience. 

Keep rotating promotions and adding interactive elements to your signage to make them a delight to watch.

4. Locate (Them), That’s Your Hook!

Think of your signage as a treasure map; the “X” marks the perfect spot! 

Identify your audience’s favorite places to hang out and position your displays right there. 

High-traffic areas, waiting zones, and places with a captive audience are your golden opportunities.

5. Play Music They Couldn’t Stop But Dance to

Now, it’s time to give your audience a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Let your call-to-action (CTA) be the music they want to hear. Let it play loud to make them dance to it. 

Craft it nicely and make it compelling. 

6. Rock That Branding Integration!

Show off your brand’s personality and style like a fashionista on the red carpet! 

When crafting your messages, integrate your brand colors, logos, and unique voice to create a consistent and memorable experience. 

Give your brand an identity, and people will trust you, becoming your self-confessed brand advocates.

7. Test to Offer the Best!

Treat your marketing strategy like a cool science experiment. 

A/B test different content, CTAs, and display locations to see what works best. Embrace the power of data and tweak your approach until you find the winning formula.

8. Interact and Leave Them Wanting More!

As I said, your target customers are your VIPs—the show’s stars! So, always keep their excitement alive! 

Use interactive elements to keep your audience engaged at all times. Experiment with QR codes, games, or touchscreens, but keep them engaged. 

9. Fresh Is What’s Trending!

Stale bread or stale content? That’s a big NO-NO.

Fresh content is what speaks to your target customers. Displaying fresh and exciting content and regularly updating it is key to keep them coming back for more. 

Bonus: They will appreciate you and let their network know about your brand too. 

10. Win the ROI Game!

Time to don your detective hat and dive into data that makes sense. 

We’ve all known for ages that tracking foot traffic and conversions is the first step to measuring success. And of course, we can’t ignore the sales uplift. 

So don’t forget to pay attention to those numbers and let them be your guiding light for what you want to achieve next via your marketing efforts.  

Time to Let Your Digital Signage Shine!

Touch display kiosk in shopping mallLet your digital signage marketing pave the way for higher ROI and an increase in ROI, your guide to improved marketing effectiveness. Make it a win-win for you! 

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