Navigating Manufacturing’s Journey with Digital Signage Integrations

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Metrics drive success in manufacturing. From real-time output stats to the number of days that have passed without a time-loss incident, getting the right information to the right people on the factory floor can mean the difference between hitting production numbers or missing them. This is where manufacturing digital signage comes in. Your team can only act on information if they receive it and digital screens both capture attention and provide an easy prompt to take action, guiding everyone to success.

Manufacturing Signage Integrations

At the heart of this success, the value of digital signage integrations becomes clear, transforming data streams from back-office numbers into a guide for everyone on the factory floor. In this way, every integration is a piece of equipment in the manufacturing toolbox, enhancing the team’s resilience and efficiency. They are the tools that not only streamline operations but also elevate the entire manufacturing experience. Manufacturing signage, when combined with these integrations, creates an atmosphere of innovation and achievement.

So, if you’re using digital signage in your manufacturing facility, it’s time to ask yourself if you’re using it to its full capacity. What data, software and machinery integrates with your signage today? Below is a comprehensive list that can help you identify further opportunities to display – and activate – the information that matters.

11 Manufacturing integrations that will boost the efficacy of your digital signage

  1. Production Data Integration: If you’re using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, connect it to your digital signage to bring everything from real-time metrics, inventory updates, and order statuses into one visual display.

  2. Quality Control and Inspection: Manufacturing signage ensures a commitment to excellence by integrating with Quality Management Systems, unveiling real-time quality metrics and inspection results.

  3. Employee Performance and Safety: Breakrooms, lobbies and cafeterias are the perfect location to integrate HR System information like performance metrics, safety reminders and important training updates.

  4. Energy Management: Integrate with Energy Monitoring Systems to display real-time energy consumption and sustainability metrics – and take action when needed.

  5. Maintenance and Equipment Health: Signage connects with computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), providing integrated maintenance schedules and downtime information for robust equipment health.

  6. KPIs and Dashboards: Elevate decision-making with manufacturing signage by connecting with Business Intelligence Tools.

  7. Weather and Environmental Data: Stay ahead of any manufacturing storm, integrating Weather APIs to display real-time updates impacting production schedules.

  8. Custom Data Feeds: Have your own unique data systems? Integrate Custom APIs, fetching, and displaying manufacturing-specific information.

  9. IoT Devices: Connect Sensors and IoT Devices to display real-time data from equipment and environmental sensors.

  10. Social Media Feeds: Foster communication and awareness of corporate initiatives as well as a common community among different plants, with the integration of social media, updates that resonate with your workforce.

  11. Emergency Notifications: Prioritize safety by integrating Emergency Alert Systems, displaying critical alerts and instructions during manufacturing emergencies.

Supply Chain Integrations

Communications in the supply chain sector face their own unique set of challenges, but there are also a set of resources that can be integrated to strengthen communication. Try the following integrations to increase the efficiency of your logistics and strengthen supplier relationships.

  1. Warehouse Management System (WMS): Transform your warehouse into a fortified basecamp by integrating with WMS for real-time updates on inventory, stock movements, and order fulfillment.

  2. Transportation Management System (TMS): Navigate the transportation routes, connecting with TMS to provide information on shipment tracking and delivery status.

  3. Supplier Portals:Unveil supplier performance metrics and order statuses at the supply chain basecamp by integrating signage with Supplier Portals.

  4. Customs and Compliance Systems: Stay compliant in the regulatory wilderness by connecting with Customs and Compliance Systems for real-time updates.

  5. RFID and Barcode Scanning: Illuminate the supply chain path through integrations with RFID and Barcode Scanning Systems, providing visibility into product movements.

  6. Demand Forecasting Tools: Anticipate demand peaks with Demand Forecasting Tools for accurate predictions.

  7. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Systems: Streamline communication across the supply chain landscape, integrating with EDI Systems for efficient electronic communication.

  8. Real-time Tracking Systems: Amplify visibility by, implementing Real-time Tracking Systems for high-value and time-sensitive shipments.

  9. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM): Gain insights into supplier relationships at the supply chain by integrating with SRM Systems.

  10. Risk Management Systems: Stay vigilant by connecting with Risk Management Systems for alerts related to potential disruptions.

  11. Financial Systems: Display financial indicators on the supply chain journey with signage, integrating with Financial Systems for cost-related information and budget adherence.

  12. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Systems: Enhance data accuracy in the supply chain expedition with supply chain signage, integrating seamlessly with EDI Systems for efficient order processing.

Hopefully, this comprehensive list of integrations gives you some new ideas of how to boost the power of your digital signage. If digital signage is the key to effective manufacturing communications, then integrations is the keychain, bringing all the potential benefits together into a single, elevated manufacturing experience.

Looking to integrate your systems for powerful digital signage in manufacturing and supply chain settings? Contact the Korbyt Solutions Team and we’ll show you how easy integrations are in the Korbyt Anywhere platform.