Customer Case Study: BP Keeps Advancing Employee Engagement with Korbyt

BP, one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies, breathes the philosophy that they “see possibilities everywhere to help the world keep advancing” and they take that philosophy to heart when it comes to engaging their employees. That’s why they implemented an innovative digital signage solution to support their employee communications goals.

A multinational company headquartered in London, England with operations in 78 countries worldwide, BP needed a more dynamic way reach employees globally to convey targeted messaging. BP selected Korbyt’s digital signage software platform, Korbyt, to help advance their internal communications and transform their employee engagement.

The Challenge

Korbyt was tasked in late 2018 with implementing an enhanced solution that would not only reach BP employees across their headquarters and throughout their refineries but would also save content managers time and resources through easier content creation and a larger content author universe.

The digital signage software needed to offer BP a way to:

  • Communicate a consistent brand voice and corporate objectives in dynamic ways
  • Segment and automate content by locations, time zones and departments
  • Integrate with existing BI data to produce automatic KPI updates
  • Expand content authors with easy creation tools and permission-based publishing
  • Allow for quick system expansions and hardware changes

The goal was to leverage and expand their digital signage system operating on our legacy platform, and seamlessly transition them to our cloud-based platform, Korbyt.

The Solution

BP entrusted the company to implement Korbyt as their platform of choice, powering digital signage throughout their headquarters and refinery locations.

Korbyt introduced greater flexibility to meet a variety of content administrators’ needs, allowing different divisions of BP to manage their content independently but in conjunction with corporate using roles and permissions features. Dynamic playlists and robust scheduling features also allowed BP to better target various types of content to relevant audiences.

An integration between Korbyt and Microsoft PowerBI enabled BP to show KPI dashboards internally. It allowed for real-time updates based on BI data, saving BP time to publish. Korbyt also automatically formats the data to be visually appealing for greater impact.

BP also leveraged Korbyt’s vast player compatibility. Because Korbyt accommodates the largest 3rd party player ecosystem, BP had the flexibility of expanding their digital signage system using their own sourced media players.


Today, BP has 87+ global Korbyt users across 130 active media players and growing. BP has fully embraced the power and efficiency of a digital signage program to drive employee engagement and continues to grow their universe of content authors.