A Virtual Call Center Keeps Kaiser Permanente’s Commitment 24/7

The Challenge of a Remote Workforce

Kaiser-Permanente is one of the nation’s largest health care providers. An important way it supports caring for its members is through a network of individualized contact centers.

Digital signage across multiple centers ran on separate, siloed systems, potentially compromising the consistency of the leaderboard performance stats that managers and agents depended on to provide members with efficient service.

Complicating matters further, COVID soon forced many contact center workers to go remote. This would immediately deprive them of access to the on-premise displays of critical data they needed to help advance Kaiser’s mission of coordinated, connected and cutting-edge treatment.

The Solution is Workplace Connectivity

Kaiser Permanente quickly overcame its first challenge with a consolidated migration to the Korbyt Anywhere platform. While contact centers continued to operate independently, this new and centralized workplace experience platform brought all managers and agents together across a single system.

While basic administration functions such as individual agent assignments continued at the local level, a central manager at Kaiser now established data views and groups for all the contact centers’ monitors. At this point, managers and agents still had their focus primarily on wall-mounted digital signage.

But as COVID dispersed employees to work-from-home, Kaiser was able to now connect them to their data by installing Korbyt Anywhere’s desktop application. Managers and agents were able to securely sign into the application and instantly activate features that delivered real-time, personalized data to their desktop application dashboards.

This dashboard became a manager’s view and understanding into agent performance: calls in queue, longest wait time, number of agents logged in and available for member support. With Korbyt Anywhere, managers targeted teams and even individual agents with personalized data and messages designed to boost productivity. This included redirecting agents’ attention to help in different call queues.

For agents, personal stats and a single shared view of information helped them gain new efficiencies in appointment booking and (for nurse agents) answering health-related answers. The dashboard’s data on queues and wait times gave agents the chance to boost overall performance by showing them where they could assist other team members in need of help.

Finding Productive in the Disruptive

Korbyt Anywhere’s consistent interface across digital signage screens and the desktop should provide agents with a familiar environment as they return to on-site contact centers, ensuring continued productivity through the desktop application, regardless of their location.

Managers and agents have applauded Korbyt Anywhere for its ease of use and the comprehensive view it enables into group and individual performance. Its personalized, data visualization to any screen is key to Kaiser’s contact centers being able to make smart decisions on balancing wait times, assigning agents in real-time, and increasing productivity.

How can Korbyt Anywhere increase the productivity of your contact center?