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Boost your Customer Satisfaction with these 5 Screens

Korbyt has been enabling Call Centers with data visualization solutions for the last four decades. During this time, we’ve identified 5 fundamental dashboard screens that not only boost customer satisfaction scores, but also empower agents and supervisors to perform at their best.

Poor customer service costs $41B annually in the U.S. alone. Download this eBook, review these 5 screens and you’ll have the roadmap to increasing engagement and productivity of your agents, managers, and supervisors — and improve customer satisfaction.

This eBook will help you:

  • Meet your Call Center employees where they are — whether in the Call Center or remote
  • Personalize the KPIs and dashboards your agents, managers and supervisors use to deliver customer satisfaction
  • Prompt your agents to action with automation that displays escalation messages
  • Help your agents perform at the highest level with the business resources they need
  • Encourage friendly competition between your agents and teams
  • Motivate your teams by recognizing individual and team accomplishments

Download the E-Book