Customer Case Study: Enhancing Communication and Engagement with Korbyt at TN Facility

Cardinal Glass, a global leader in the glass development industry, faced challenges in effectively communicating with employees in its large Tennessee manufacturing facility. With approximately 50 acres of space operating 24/7, ensuring quick and relevant communication across the facility required an enterprise-grade communications solution. Moreover, plant leadership recognized the critical need for safety communication, quality feedback, and fostering employee relations. To address these challenges, Cardinal Glass sought an innovative digital signage solution that would revolutionize its communication strategy.

Cardinal Glass, a leader in the industry with 49 facilities globally, chose Korbyt Digital Signage as a crucial component of the Cardinal FG Tennessee facility’s operations. Taking on the critical responsibility of owning and managing the digital signage system is Kent Hartsock, the IT Operations Manager.


warehouse digital signage at receiving entrance

The Cardinal Glass facility’s vast size and continuous 24/7 operation posed significant hurdles in ensuring timely and efficient communication. From conveying essential safety information to providing production data for continuous improvement, Cardinal Glass sought to bridge the communication gap and enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.

In their quest for a suitable digital signage solution, the Cardinal FG facility had previously utilized another digital signage solution focused on safety messaging. However, this solution lacked the ability to integrate real-time data, resulting in a disconnected and fragmented information flow.

In addition, the prior system lacked flexibility across different screens within the facility. The lack of dynamic content meant that employees were seeing the same content that was not necessarily relevant to their day-to-day.


The turning point for Cardinal Glass came when they learned about Korbyt, a cutting-edge digital signage platform, through industry veteran and consultant Mike White. The prospect of a hybrid solution, blending digital signage with integrations and real-time data, intrigued the Cardinal Glass team. Recognizing the potential of Korbyt to transform their communication landscape, they decided to try it over other available options.

In stark contrast to their prior platform, Korbyt emerged as a dynamic and versatile digital signage platform. Its integrated approach enabled real-time data updates and seamless interactions with other systems, transforming communication at Cardinal Glass’ facility. Unlike the static screens of the past, Korbyt’s deployment brought varying dynamic content to different areas of the facility, ensuring contextually relevant and engaging experiences for employees.

Korbyt’s comprehensive suite of features proved instrumental in reshaping Cardinal Glass’ communication approach. Building a strategy with experienced consultant Mike White, Cardinal Glass was able to deploy digital signage in new spaces, focus on continuous improvement, and even rollout advanced features in under 6 months.

The key Korbyt products and services employed included:

Digital Signage: Cardinal Glass deployed digital screens with layouts utilizing multiple zones, allowing customized content for different areas of the facility. This flexibility ensured that the information displayed remained contextually relevant and engaging.

Kiosk Builder: Empowered with knowledge gained from training with Korbyt, Cardinal Glass took charge of implementing interactivity for kiosks independently. This enabled employees to access specific information and updates tailored to their preferences.

Real-Time Data Integration: With Korbyt’s seamless real-time data integration, Cardinal Glass displayed dynamic content. Multi-zone screens showcased essential productivity data, ensuring a well-rounded and informative experience.


The deployment of Korbyt at Cardinal Glass yielded significant results. Most notably, the company observed a remarkable increase in employee engagement. With dynamic and relevant content displayed on screens throughout the facility that operates 24/7, employees actively participated in contributing to the signage. This heightened engagement led to improved communication and information flow, streamlining business processes, and fostering a safer and more productive work environment.

Additional Benefits:

Cafe lunch menus on digital signs

Beyond the primary objectives of safety communication and improved employee relations, Cardinal Glass appreciated several additional benefits stemming from Korbyt’s implementation:

Thoughtful Planning and Upfront Effort: Cardinal Glass’ meticulous planning and upfront effort in collaboration with digital signage experts resulted in a superior outcome. The carefully designed digital signage installation was not only informative but also aesthetically appealing, capturing the attention of employees and encouraging greater engagement.

Clean Installation and Better Engagement: The visual appeal of the Korbyt-powered digital screens played a vital role in driving employee engagement and feedback. The clean and attractive installation contributed to a positive overall experience for employees interacting with the signage.

By embracing Korbyt’s digital signage solution and working with digital signage expert Mike White, Cardinal Glass revolutionized its communication strategy, overcoming the challenges posed by its large and continuous facility. The dynamic and interactive content empowered employees with relevant information, resulting in increased engagement, improved productivity, and enhanced safety across the facility. Through their partnership with Korbyt, Cardinal Glass succeeded in creating a more connected and informed workforce, ultimately contributing to the company’s success and growth