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Every leader of every organization is planning for the great return—getting people back to the office on a more regular basis. We know the future of work will be hybrid, with most people working from both the office and from their homes. Regardless of the location of our work however, the landscape of the workplace has changed.

Join us for a captivating discussion about how the workplace has technologically changed and how employers can attract and retain top talent using modern, omnichannel technologies that enable great employee experiences.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • How the right mix of targeted content and use of modern technology can drive more employee engagement, productivity, and collaboration
  • How individuals may want to work from home more often and how you can use technology to increase your social capital or career growth opportunities
  • Leaders will need to give employees choice and control of where to work from while also ensuring they maintain engagement with team members through in-person or technology
  • Businesses risk losing employees if they do not offer enough flexibility and technology to support virtual or face-to-face approaches to collaborating
  • How to communicate with employees so they understand how their workplace has changed for the better

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