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Tribal communities face challenges communicating in ways that adequately meet the needs of their members on popular social platforms. The lack of proper controls on today’s social media platforms can lead to a host of unwanted experiences and missed information.

A tribe’s ability to quickly deliver communications and engage its members is essential to achieve tribal goals and build a strong community. Fortunately, there are advanced communication and engagement platforms that help support the mission, vision, and culture of the tribal community.

This on-demand presentation addresses these challenges and how the right platform enables members to engage the community and express their concerns in a safe interactive social environment.

Topics covered:

  • Key tactics to communicate critical information to Tribal members regardless of location while eliminating the toxicity of social media
  • Steps for increasing the speed of delivering a message to your community while reducing the time and cost of content development
  • Communication best practices that support 2-way communication within a controlled social environment
  • Ways of delivering targeted messages while reaching individuals on the device they frequent most
  • Tips for measuring and analyzing communication and content preferences
  • Tools for monitoring and customizing your membership’s digital experience

Watch this on-demand presentation to learn more on tackling all the challenges tribal leaders face to create an amazing tribal member experience helping your community thrive.

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