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Over the past year the coronavirus pandemic completely disrupted the concept of the workplace. In some cases, millions of frontline workers never had the opportunity to leave the workplace, when many more types of workers exchanged office attire, business travel and commutes to and from the office for causal and comfortable attire, webcams and virtual school with their kids.  But with vaccines beginning to be disseminated across the world, many companies have started to imagine a safe return to the physical workplace for some. What will that look like? How will companies use communications to bring comfort and build trust? How does technology play a role? 

Introducing Space Management 


The Korbyt Anywhere platform can support your challenges to welcome employees safely back to the hybrid workplace with our new feature, Space Management that allows Admins to easily create and manage interactive maps of the workplace to enable employees and visitors to find and reserve safe spaces to work.  


Please join Korbyt’s Gregg Apirian, VP of Customer Experience and George Clopp, Chief Technology Officer on Wednesday March 17th as they discuss the challenges of the hybrid workplace and showcase how our Space Management features can meet these challenges to help welcome your employees safely back to the workplace. 


During this webinar attendees will learn how to: 


  • Upload maps of a single floor, a building or an entire campus 
  • Draw regions around spaces you want to make available for reservation 
  • Establish safe-protocol capacity for each region 
  • Enable employees to locate and reserve rooms, desks and workspaces from display and kiosk screens, mobile and desktop 
  • Check-in, change or extend reservations easily 


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