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After grappling with the Great Resignation, the workplace is now facing the Great Return. Many companies began setting return to work dates last fall as coronavirus cases receded but then had to scrap them as variants struck. Now that cases have been on a downward trend, companies are calling their remote or hybrid employees back to the office.

The Great Return requires great communication, and the big question is how ready are companies with their communication strategies and channels to reach all their employees to bring them back, keep them informed, engaged and productive?

This webinar features a panel of digital signage veterans and communications strategists as they talk about the important role that digital signage and other communication channels play in bringing employees back to the office — and to help them thrive.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The right team of professionals to assign to your communication strategy
  • How to look beyond just your hardware and software requirements to focus on content strategy
  • Where digital signage can reach employees and where other communication channels are required
  • How to consider measuring the effectiveness of your communication channels and content

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