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While the pandemic has been disruptive for employees and companies worldwide, it has also presented companies with the opportunity to redefine how to deliver internal communications. But not enough companies took this opportunity and ran with it leaving most companies with more disengaged than engaged employees.

Last March, a Microsoft survey of 30,000 workers in 31 countries, indicated that 41% are considering leaving their employers based on their experiences during the pandemic. The rapid increases in attrition that many companies experienced in the latter part of 2021 continue to demonstrate this growing disengagement.

Watch the on-demand presentation with Korbyt’s Chief Experience Officer, Gregg Apirian as he leads a panel of enterprise communication leaders through a discussion on how companies can rethink their approach to internal communications and nurturing culture.

During this webinar the panel explores trends like:

  • Preventing employees from experiencing communications overload
  • Maximizing use of employee data to deliver personalized communications
  • Exploring AI and business intelligence’s role to drive engagement
  • Enabling integrations to reach employees where they are
  • Leveraging analytics to understand the effectiveness of communications
  • Is the QR code back and here to stay?

Watch this informative presentation and transform your internal communications to create a workplace experience your team loves.

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