From Chalkboards to Interactive Displays: How Digital Signage Is Transforming Learning

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By Baglan Rhymes

John Dewey, a famed educator, and philosopher, once said, “Engage your students, and they’ll be hooked for life.” That’s when he perfectly captured the essence of student engagement and why it is of fundamental importance in the learning process. 

Now I remember that feeling whenever I was fully engaged in a lesson. My eyes lit up with curiosity. And I reckon it’s almost every student’s story when they are truly interested in a subject. That’s what student engagement is all about. It’s the cornerstone of effective learning, and without this critical component, the learning process is incomplete. Ain’t it?

This is why educational institutions are finding new ways to enhance student engagement. And since this is a technology-driven world today, university digital signage has become the new wave. From Hogwarts to Harvard, digital signage has revolutionized the way students interact with information. All the focus is on creating immersive learning experiences. Hence, the interactive displays, video walls, and kiosks that you see in educational institutions. 

But the question is, how impactful is a digital signage solution in improving student engagement?

Without further ado, we’ll dive into why student engagement matters for students to be successful overall. So, fasten your belt, grab some popcorn, and let’s begin exploring!

Engage to Excel: Why Student Engagement Is Crucial for Academic Success

Think of a classroom full of students attending a lecture. But most of them are lost in their world, daydreaming, not focusing, let alone retaining any information. Been there, done that, right?

The truth is that when students are truly engaged, they don’t just sit there. They have questions to ask, doubts to clear, and things to discuss. All this has a positive impact on their academic achievement and information retention rates. When you engage students at this level, you not only prepare them for good grades but also real-life challenges and lifelong success.

The Growing Prevalence of Digital Signage in Education: From Wallboards to Mobile

By now, you’ve well understood why keeping students engaged is crucial, whether it’s in your classroom or anywhere else. But could you anticipate that the digital signage market in education would grow to reach $27 billion+ by 2024

That’s true. And for obvious reasons. 

From chalkboards to whiteboards to projectors, the world of education has rapidly evolved with continuous technological advancements over time. But nothing quite compares to the rise of digital signage. Using channels like wallboards, desktops, and mobile devices, educational institutions are successfully engaging students in ways once unimaginable. With digital signage come endless possibilities and an irrefutable impact on student engagement.

Earlier, static displays were the only source of information that allowed us to share a single piece of update at once. Digital signage makes room for various types of content, be it videos or interactive displays, all in one place and in real-time. Now teachers and administrators can impart the latest information to students on the go and in a flash. 

Your cafeterias have video walls, your libraries have kiosks, and there are interactive displays in your classrooms. Students are loving how the information reaches them, and down the road, there will only be a greater surge of this trend.

Impact of Digital Signage on Student Engagement: Captivating Minds and Sparking Learning

It’s no longer hidden how digital signage has introduced a complete overhaul of the way students learn. Now it’s a cinch to grab students’ attention and evoke a strong sense of curiosity in them. 

  • Increased Attention 

Do students in your classroom seem mostly disengaged, waiting for your lecture to end? If yes, either you must learn to impart the lesson differently or find a tool that could help you catch and keep their attention intact. Digital signage is vibrant and dynamic. The visual aids are interesting and help students understand even complex topics with ease. 

  • Visual Inspiration 

There is a difference between success stories heard and those seen with the naked eye. 

When students see how others did something, they learn to take ownership of what they grasped. 

  • Active Participation

Students may often miss certain school or college events. For the simple reason that they weren’t aware of it in the first place. Agree? 

Real-time updates are the perfect solution to this problem. Keep your students informed at all times of any activities happening on your school or college premises. And see them participate in most of them actively. 

Mastering the Art of Digital Signage: A Guide to Boosting Student Engagement in Education

You may now ask, “How can I effectively utilize digital signage to enhance student learning and engagement with a maximum positive impact?”

That’s a good question, there! You may consider following certain smart practices. 

  1. Strategize to Entice

Formulate a plan where you have clearly stated the objectives of your digital signage strategy. You will know the areas of focus when it comes to effectively implementing digital signage.

  1. Develop Content That’s Relevant

Create compelling, engaging, visually appealing, and to-the-point content that speaks to your students. Make it interesting and interactive with games and activities that keep students engaged.

  1. Assess to Impress

Gauge your digital signage strategy at frequent intervals to see what works and what doesn’t. Leverage data analytics tools to calculate your student engagement rates and make any adjustments.

Breathing Life into Learning: Exploring Different Types of Digital Signage

  1. Interactive Displays

Use interactive displays to provide all the information in real-time and let your students engage and learn quickly. For example, your interactive displays can encourage students to play quizzes or dive deeper into complex subjects via the 3D models. 

  1. Video Walls

Want to share educational videos or decks with students? Choose video walls that are quite successful in displaying such content in an eye-catching manner. You can utilize video walls to showcase some brilliant student work or announce any events as well. 

  1. Kiosks

Come to kiosks, and you will see students checking particular schedules or maps out there. For instance, you can share their bus schedules or any changes in class schedules via kiosks.

Amazing! I know it for a fact.

So, Sign Off on Student Engagement with Digital Signage?

“Engage or die” may sound dramatic but talk about ensuring student success, and more truth cannot be spoken. In this age of technology, educational institutions need an unfailing way to maintain students’ attention that’s less than that of a goldfish. 

But considering that Netflix can keep students binge-watching for hours, there must certainly be a way to do so academically as well. That’s where digital signage comes not only as a fancy addition to the educational landscape but also as a promising tool that can entirely transform how you interact with your students. 

Follow the best practices and try out the different types of digital signage, and no force could stop you from keeping the heartbeat of the learning process alive—student engagement. 
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