Intelligent Digital Signage to Empower
Your Enterprise

Korbyt is more than digital signage software, it is the hub for all your workplace communications delivering your important messaging to an engaged audience, regardless of location or device. Now, more than ever, companies need unified communications delivery to inform employees and clients. Digital noise is everywhere and cutting through the sea of messaging is often critical to companies in helping them meet or exceed corporate objectives.

Enterprise Connectivity

Korbyt contains more built-in connectors for all your applications. Deliver content through Teams, Slack, Facebook Workplace, have team members add content to a SharePoint drive or take data from Sales or ERP systems and display metrics to inspire and align your teams. The integrations and configurations are endless as are the possibilities to improve your company’s productivity and bottom line.

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With all these robust features, it’s apparent why our solutions are powering more than 50% of Fortune 100 companies today. Connect with your employees, customers and partners with consistent, dynamic messaging that inspires, educates, and aligns.

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