Screening Safety: How Digital Signage Elevates Campus Security

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Guy Serwin

“There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie.” Remember that line from the horror classic Scream? It applies in your real life, too, especially for college students who are supposed to stay safe and secure on campuses. 

But unfortunately, college campuses see a range of safety and security challenges, from crime to natural disasters. Did you know, in 2019 alone, there were about 27,300 criminal incidents reported on college campuses?  

Walking alone around campus, especially at night, should not be scary. It’s your college, after all. But if you feel anxious, the key is to do something about it and have effective communication in place via all available channels—desktop alerts, mobile notifications, and digital signage. With digital signage, however, accessing important information quickly is a breeze. 

In this blog post, we will see how digital signage ensures campus safety and how colleges are using it to prevent crime and send emergency and natural disaster alerts. Keep reading if you are serious about campus safety and security, whether as a student, parent, or college faculty.  

How Powerful Is Digital Signage in Enhancing Campus Safety and Security?

This is it! Digital signage is what college campuses need today to disseminate real-time information in an engaging manner. Especially during emergency situations like an evacuation. 

  1. Use of Digital Signage for Emergency Alerts and Notifications

What matters the most when an emergency happens on campus? Time, of course. Every second counts, and digital signage can impart all crucial information instantly in an eye-catching way. Use it to:

  • Display evacuation instructions or shelter-in-place orders during an active shooter situation
  • Provide updates about severe weather events or natural disasters
  • Alert students and staff about any other safety concerns on campus

Have you thought of placing digital signage screens throughout campus? Do it. That’s the way to keep everyone informed and prepared, no matter where they are.

  1. Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Campus-Wide Communication

How does your college communicate important announcements to the entire campus? Forget the old; now is the time to adopt digital signage. Let everyone know of any updates or alerts through digital and clear signs in common areas.

  • Remind students and staff about campus policies and procedures, such as parking rules or smoking regulations.
  • Promote upcoming events and activities on campus, such as concerts, club meetings, or sporting events.
  • Display welcome messages for new students and visitors.

No more losing any important information in static signs or a sea of emails. Go dynamic with digital signage. Engage effectively. 

  1. Real-Time Updates and Flexibility

Why is digital signage the talk of the town again? Most importantly, it can provide real-time updates. During urgent situations, you can go Thanos! Wipe off the unimportant in a snap. And display what’s most important pronto.  

  • Display important alerts and notifications as soon as they become available.
  • Quickly update evacuation routes in response to changing circumstances
  • Provide up-to-the-minute information about weather conditions or other potential threats

Best Practices for Implementing Digital Signage for Campus Safety and Security

Alright, folks, we have seen why digital signage is a buzzword, particularly in the college campus universe. But the question is, how should you innovate with it to elevate your game and make your campus distinct? Well, there are some best practices you can follow to take it beyond the ordinary. Let’s dive in.

Effective Content for Emergency Alerts

Less is more! The less you display, the more effective it is. During emergencies, people need clear and straightforward instructions. 

  • Keep it short: Avoid the unnecessary. Share direct messages.
  • Use easy-to-understand language: Avoid jargon. Don’t confuse people.
  • Add engaging visuals: Use icons or symbols.
  • Give clear calls to action: Let people know clearly what’s the next step. 

Training Staff and Conducting Drills for Emergency Situations

Emergency response plans are essential. But what’s equally important is to make everyone on the campus aware of what to do when an emergency occurs.

  1. Turn Your Emergency Drills into a Game

No one wants to be bored during a drill, so why not make it fun? Turn drills into games and announce prizes for fast and effective response times. Thus, boosting engagement and encouraging staff to take the drills seriously.

  1. Involve Your Students

Don’t forget your students. Involve them in emergency drills to create a culture of preparedness. Bring everyone on the same page for emergency response and value their feedback.

  1. Use Digital Signage to Provide Real-Time Updates

You must keep everyone informed during emergency drills. Digital signage is key. Use creative approaches and make your campus community always ready to respond. Let’s turn training and drills into a fun and memorable experience for everyone.

Signage with a Purpose: Clever Ways to Use Digital Signage for Campus Security

Oh, but the existing solutions to campus security are boring, eh? Then, let’s get creative! Because why not? 

So, what more can you do with digital signage? 

Example 1 – Use Digital Signage for Wayfinding

Don’t wander around campus aimlessly during an emergency. Use digital signage for wayfinding and find your way around campus in a flash. 

Example 2 – Use Digital Signage for Live Feeds from Security Cameras

Nothing is worth it that costs you your peace of mind. Gain your peace of mind back with digital signage as it displays live feeds from security cameras and lets you know what’s happening in your surroundings. 

Example 3 – Use Digital Signage to Provide Weather Updates

Stay ahead of the elements! Keep up-to-date on the weather and prepare yourself in advance for what potential hazards you may face from Mother Nature. 

Ready for Anything: Putting Digital Signage at the Center of Your Campus Safety Plan

Remember, your campus safety and security is paramount. You will find numerous solutions to address campus safety challenges, from emergency preparedness training to digital signage to other communication channels. But you must choose the right tools to ensure risk mitigation and campus security. 

Real-Time Alerts = Real-time Commitment to Safety

Korbyt Anywhere is developed to improve campus safety and emergency response by providing real-time information and alerts to students, faculty, and staff on any device: mobile, desktop and wallboards.

For example, digital signage can be used to:

  • Display emergency alerts and instructions, such as evacuation routes and shelter-in-place procedures.
  • Share safety tips and information, such as how to report suspicious activity or how to prevent sexual assault.
  • Promote campus safety initiatives, such as bystander intervention training or drug and alcohol awareness programs.

No matter what your use case is for—wayfinding, weather updates, or emergency plans—digital signage is the alpha and omega of your campus safety and security.

Ready to elevate campus security? Contact us today and schedule a no-obligation demonstration of the Korbyt Anywhere platform and the signs will become clear!