All Access OnTarget Content Subscription

OnTarget subscriptions fill dwell times you define with screen content that is automatically refreshed from hourly to weekly to keep your audience engaged.

The All Access subscription package includes:

Most content works without audio and includes a customizable core theme.

Weather Graphics

Includes 5-day, 10-day, 5-hour, 1-hour, 36-hour, & hourly forecast and current conditions by zip code. Available in Fahrenheit or Celsius and 18 different languages.

Weather Radar Map

A static weather map of national or regional data, with 192 unique weather regions across the US and Canada. Combines radar and satellite images and updates every 15 minutes.

Top News

7-10 daily news stories that cover a variety of topics, hand-picked and guaranteed to fit any audience.


Business News

Follow 10-15 stories per day about industries, companies, price and stock changes, and more, sourced from Reuters or AP.

Financial Data

Raw, fully licensed financial data that includes NASDAQ, NYSE, S&P 500, TSX and the top gainers and losers trading on those exchanges. Display up to 100 companies at a time, with or without symbols.

Entertainment News

Display up to 25 stories at a time about music, celebrities, events and more sourced from AP. 

Sports News

A variety of U.S. games, teams and leagues are featured in sports news sourced from AP.


World News

Top news stories across countries and topics from around the world, sourced from Reuters or AP. 10 recent stories always displayed.

Odd News

Odd, extraordinary, and surprising news stories sourced from Reuters, with 5 recent stories always displayed. Local stories available for US, UK, France, and India. Available in English or French.


Traffic maps worldwide and popular routes for large metro areas in North America and Europe, as well as other major cities around the world based on zip code, city, or latitude/longitude. Display Top Routes, Current Traffic Conditions, Full-Screen Map, or Traffic Forecast. Adjusts from MPH to KPH based on location. Updates every 15 minutes.

Sports Central

Choose a combination of Calendar, Game View, PGA leaderboard, Scoreboard, Standings, Stats Leaders, or Team Profile — as well as March Madness and Olympics medal count when applicable. Show any teams in the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA, NCAA Football, NCAA Football 1-AA, NCAA Basketball, Bundesliga, La Liga, MLS, or Premiere League. Select based on city, local interest, individual teams, or by FanLogic. Specify pre-game, current game or post-game. Available in English, Spanish and German.

The List

Display the “Top 5” of top weekend box office performances, billboard music charts — or a miscellaneous Top 5 category, such as popular ‘90s comedies or white-sand beaches around the world. HTML or Image formats only.

Pop Quiz (Trivia)

Educational and entertaining multiple-choice questions with answers revealed every 30 seconds. Hand-written questions and answers ensure friendliness for all audiences.


Display a combination of 1-20 inspirational quotes and fun statistics at a time. Moderation available. 

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