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Dallas, TX – December 4, 2023 – Korbyt, the omnichannel workplace communications platform that gives employees access to organizational resources on any screen, unveiled Korbyt Experiential Signage at DSE 2023 (booth #425). The new offering empowers businesses to create truly immersive, interactive experiences with a near-endless array of third-party sensors and devices for unparalleled control over their digital environment.

“Taking digital signage to the next level is all about creating multi-sensory experiences that engage people in new and exciting ways,” said Ankur Ahlowalia, CEO at Korbyt. “With Korbyt Experiential Signage, customers can now use sensors and other input devices to trigger experiences that are uniquely tailored to each visitor as they interact with different elements within a particular environment.”

Common use cases include executive briefing rooms and corporate lobbies with touch-interactive tablets used to trigger audience-specific, on-screen content on completely separate video walls. For a multi-sensory experience, audio playback can be triggered to play on the house audio system, or via headphones for a more personalized experience. 

Beyond the more typical corporate communications applications, Korbyt Experiential Signage can also be used for applications such as promoting worker safety by incorporating temperature sensors to trigger health & safety video content when the ambient temperature of a facility approaches an unsafe level.

Korbyt’s Experiential Signage is a “no-code” solution that lets users manage and customize digital experiences effortlessly without the need for technical expertise. The intuitive experiential builder tool lets users create experiences by connecting “triggers” and “actions” that work in unison to deliver the intended experience, captivating viewers with interactive elements, motion graphics, audio content, augmented or virtual reality, or even holographic images.

With Korbyt Experiential Signage, virtually any input device, data feed or network event can be used to trigger specific content layouts or playlists. Devices such as touch-interactive tablets, pressure sensors, mechanical or capacitive-sensing buttons, temperature sensors, lift & learn sensors or even optical sensors can all be programmed to trigger custom content whenever the input device is activated. Similarly, Korbyt’s extensive data integration platform can be used to integrate live data feeds from third-party systems to deliver interactive elements triggered by data-driven events. For example, a company’s stock crossing a certain threshold could trigger upbeat music and a spinning disco ball to spontaneously create a celebratory atmosphere.

Experiential Signage is the newest addition to the Korbyt Anywhere workplace communications platform. Korbyt’s powerful, cloud-based CMS lets users engage employees via a wide range of channels, including digital signage, desktop, email and mobile devices. With 1M+ endpoints, 250 cloud migrations and 100+ native integrations to-date, Korbyt Anywhere is the most advanced platform for engaging employees in the office and on the go.

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Korbyt Anywhere is an omnichannel workplace experience platform that enables companies to reach targeted audiences with relevant content, data and information on any screen, anywhere. Powerful, cloud-based CMS capabilities engage employees via a wide range of channels, including digital signage, desktop, email and mobile devices. With 1M+ deployed endpoints and industry-leading cloud migration capabilities, Korbyt Anywhere is the most advanced platform for engaging employees and customers. The Company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with additional offices worldwide, including the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

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