Customer Case Study: Pensacola International Airport Finds Security in Korbyt Cloud

In 2019, Pensacola International Airport saw a 17.1% increase in passengers served, a surge from the previous year, and was ranked third in growth throughout the United States. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Pensacola International Airport saw roughly 2.2 million travelers that year and wanted to leverage digital signage to inform, entertain and communicate with these travelers.

Korbyt initially helped Pensacola International Airport execute their airport communication strategy with an on-premise digital signage platform and the installation of digital displays, video walls and meeting room displays throughout the airport. But an unprecedented event in the next fiscal year created the opportunity to move their digital signage solution to the Korbyt cloud platform and expand their solution to pay for itself.

The Challenge

In December of 2019, an unfortunate ransomware cyberattack impacted Pensacola International Airport’s facility systems, making it difficult to communicate with their travelers. Though they had cached content supporting their digital signage, delivering real-time updates was hindered during this attack. Pensacola International Airport challenged Korbyt with migrating their on-premise solution to the cloud and needed a solution that could both be implemented quickly on their existing media players and maintain security in the event of another threat to their systems. They also asked for a return-on-investment of digital signage, whereby it could be used to generate revenue from advertisers.

The Solution

Pensacola International Airport elected to move to the Korbyt Cloud platform, and Korbyt’s professional services group installed the new solution within 48 hours. Choosing our cloud-based platform enabled the quick implementation, allowing the airport to get back up and running displaying relevant content to their passengers in no time. Fully operational, Korbyt gave the Pensacola team the access and speed they needed to maintain their messaging wherever and whenever. With a user friendly interface, Pensacola intuitively created a communication strategy that was fully automated for months to come, alleviating any manual updates needed to keep content fresh and relevant.


Pensacola International Airport made a full transition from an on premise solution to Korbyt within just two days, maintaining all content and data to be displayed across 11 media players and 2 8X1 video walls. Operating safely and securely under Korbyt Cloud, Pensacola International Airport has added additional displays around the facilities, including kiosks, a 4X3 video wall, and an additional 8X1 video wall. They also are intrigued with Korbyt’s ability to capture audience analytics with optics.

With the flexibility Korbyt offered, Pensacola Airport also expanded their digital advertising program, easily scheduling and tracking advertising content on their digital displays. And with the ease of content creation Korbyt introduced, Pensacola Airport also used their signage for a warm Mayor welcome message to travelers, highlighting local sports heroes in the community on their “Wall of Champions,” and promoting community activities and events.