Reimagine Workplace Communications for the Modern Enterprise

Korbyt Anywhere is where your employees find next-level engagement and productivity. The platform’s intelligent content management system acts as your organization’s communications technology stack, enabling you to reach every everyone to deliver a personalized workplace experience. Send targeted communications that drive engagement. Publish mission critical data that increases productivity. Enable easy access to key enterprise systems and applications that unlock the digital workplace.

Intelligent Content Management System

Easily create content and publish once to communicate with everyone, anywhere.

Publish content to the screens that matter most. Post company news, share call center data to boost agent and manager performance, elevate productivity with quick access to apps and resources. The power of our intelligent content management system makes it easy to create and publish in different formats, target different audiences, and deliver to any digital channel or device.

Audience Targeting

Segment your workforce to deliver personalized experiences.

Content just got personal. From executives to hourly workers, across departments and locations, you can now communicate to everyone in your diverse audience on any channel and device with targeted, pertinent content and data.

Digital Signage & Desktop

Broadcast to any signage screen, any size, anywhere.

Every digital signage screen becomes an opportunity. Whether it’s to align and engage employees, improve student-faculty connections, or enhance call center performance and customer satisfaction, our simple but powerful platform turns your signage screens into valuable workplace communication channels.

The Mobile & Web Experience

Extend your workplace communications to your employee’s mobile device or desktop.

Whether your team is on site or working remote, connect people and technology through the Korbyt Anywhere mobile application and web experience. Create and publish personalized, relevant mobile communications based on an individual’s particular job, interests, and behavior. Modernize your intranet with a modern interface and features that drive engagement and increase productivity.

Email Communications

Transform Unread Emails into Engaged Employees

It’s time for internal emails to evolve. Speed up the design and delivery of your emails with customizable templates, audience targeting, and elevate results with real-time analytics.

Data & Business Application Integrations

Deliver personalized data to increase productivity and performance management.

A match made in data heaven. Benefit from a platform that integrates with every data source to connect the right data with the right person in the right role to boost efficiency and achieve goals.

Space Management & Wayfinding

Create a safe and flexible return to the office

Welcome your employees back to the office with easy-to-use technology that helps them find and reserve desks or meeting rooms that maximize their productivity.

Analytics & Reporting

Measure performance, share insights, and make decisions with employee communications analytics.

Smart data powers smart decisions. Advanced analytics allow you to measure the reach and performance of your content and communications, equipping you to understand and improve both.