Amazon Connect Integration – Powering Call Center Performance for Pacific Life

The Challenge of Data Integration

With a reputation for strength and stability, Pacific Life delivers a promise to protect what matters most to its clients. The company’s 150 years of expertise in retirement and life insurance solutions provides its customers with the confidence to enjoy a life well-lived. To support that mission, Pacific Life employs approximately 1,000 call center agents across multiple locations.

To reduce support costs related to the on-premise servers powering their contact center platform, Pacific Life planned a move to cloud-based Amazon Connect. However, to succeed they would need an integrated application that could translate Amazon Connect data into actionable digital visualizations — and do so without disrupting operations or requiring extensive training.

The Solution is Call Center Wallboards

Pacific Life confidently turned to Korbyt Anywhere as that integrated application, transforming and displaying Amazon Connect data onto call center signage across all the insurance giant’s contact centers. With easy-to-use content publishing tools, Korbyt required little to no training for Pacific Life administrators. Korbyt also worked with existing processes, with a built-in OneDrive integration that allowed admins and content contributors to simply drag and drop media files into the system for automated publishing to displays.

Call centers succeed based on the competitive advantage managers and agents gain from communications and data visualization. The Korbyt solution displays a curated mix of aggregated and calculated call center performance metrics, individual agent statistics, company news, announcements, and employee recognition messages. The recognition content keeps employees engaged with the company vision and mission, as the KPIs drive accountability and performance. With KPIs in view at all times, the Korbyt powered digital signage gives Pacific Life managers the ability to “manage by walking around.”

Korbyt’s robust data integration API also assured Pacific Life that additional enterprise data sources could be easily, quickly integrated should the need arise to change or augment the data visualizations.

A New Era in Call Center Productivity

The platform was an effective cost savings for Pacific Life, thanks to reduced support time and hardware expense. Korbyt’s cloud-based architecture includes patches and upgrades, saving Pacific Life’s IT managers from nights and weekends testing and deploying. Korbyt-in-the-cloud also helps to eliminate change windows and downtimes, enabling service to continue during upgrades, minimizing impact on business.

Admins and content publishers were quick to enjoy call center productivity gains and time savings thanks to Korbyt Anywhere’s automated publishing to displays. By integrating Amazon Connect across digital signage, Korbyt delivered the real-time KPIs Pacific Life employees needed to stay informed, productive, and delivering exceptional customer support.