Workplace Communication Channels


Discover the full value of your tech investment: connected data, systems and people.

The wide range of integrations that Korbyt Anywhere makes possible are the most comprehensive you will find. So many options re-energizes your employees’ connection to the services they use, from data access to business applications. Enable SSO for faster, more secure access to and from every endpoint. Apply HR data—from job type to department or location—to deliver personalized content and employee communications.

Broaden the Definition of Workplace Communications

Incorporate relevant information and the right business apps into everyone’s day-to-day.

Korbyt Anywhere leads the industry with hundreds of data connectors, such as Amazon Connect, Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow — making it simple for your people to get to the data and applications they need from any desktop, web browser, mobile device and signage screen.

Messages That Travel
to More Places

Broadcast your message to every screen with Sonar.

Korbyt Anywhere makes it easy to build a Sonar: a flexible content module that can exist as a standalone URL, or as an embedded element into any screen, anywhere.

Personal Security, Personalized Experience

Secure access via digital signage screens, desktop, mobile and web delivers relevant content, communications, data and services tailored for each worker.

Streamlined user authentication gives your workforce friction-free access to the business content, resources and applications they need, from anywhere.

Workplace Communications Security
Employee Workplace Communications

Put Your Employee Data to Work

Securely integrate with HRIS data to enable a personalized workplace experience.

Import and dynamically synchronize your people data with Korbyt Anywhere, to create a seamless user management workflow.

Power Your Technology with Our API

Build the digital workplace experience you need with our APIs and support.

When you’re comfortable with your existing CMS, but want the advantages of Korbyt Anywhere’s extended capabilities, our Web Services and API model offers the power to customize. Use our API to automate content creation and distribution anwyhere. Build channel specific feeds, publish and automate individual content, analyze the interactions — pretty much anything you can conceive in terms of data connection.

Workplace Platform API