Manufacturing Digital Signage

The Challenge of Engaging Employees 

One of Korbyt’s long-term customers believes that engaging with every one of their employees is extraordinarily important to their culture. The challenge is they employ about 11,000 people worldwide with operations across 33 centers in the United States and additional offices in the UK, New Delhi, Tokyo and Poland. 

While the company had effective email and internet solutions in place for connecting to its corporate audience, the warehouse workers, who make up most of the company’s employees, were missing out. They lack company email addresses, and mobile phones are not permitted in the secure warehouse environment so most of the workforce couldn’t be reached. 

This left physical bulletin boards, team huddles and daily meetings with shift managers as the only ways to communicate with warehouse employees — an inconsistent and limited approach that failed to achieve their mission for cultural messaging. 

The Solution is Decentralized Communication 

Korbyt Anywhere’s approach to Manufacturing Digital Signage established new standards for the company’s communications to its warehouse employees. With an intelligent content management system driving the creation and publishing of visual information, they set up digital signage monitors in 90 break rooms across different locations.  

Free from the distraction of the warehouse floor, employees could now be made aware of employee assistance programs, help with childcare, educational and health benefits and other company initiatives through a consistent, vibrant and recurring display. While the screens reinforced what is covered in daily huddles, they also provided novel ways to elevate culture visually. For example, celebrating the achievement of an employee may be a quick mention by a manager. But through digital signage, it becomes extended recognition that boosts motivation and helps to retain high performing employees. 

Employee reaction led their communications team to recognize greater interest in localizing content, prompting the recruitment of 85 local engagement champions. For these champions, predesigned content templates provided a one stop shop for every experience level, with an attention-getting mix of text, images, and video elements. New employee messaging became as simple as updating templates, saving and sending, and warehouse employees see the changes immediately displayed on their digital signage screens. 

Successful content in one, particular location has prompted other local communicators to rise to the challenge with digital signage promotions of their own events, fundraisers, and instances of corporate responsibility. With Korbyt Anywhere continuing to help digital signage improve engagement across the company, teams such as Wellness and HR have begun to coordinate with communications to further increase the quality and frequency of content that continues to help drive engagement and fuel the company’s culture. 

A Sign of Good Things to Come 

The success of the Korbyt Anywhere platform has transformed the company’s expectations for engaging with employees. When it’s a new piece of communication, senior leadership’s first thought is now, “We’ll put that on digital signage, right?”